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Hanging issue

Hanging issue

I have been doing PE for two months now and have been making progress. I recently read a thread by Tom Hubbard about how it is better to gain length before girth and the whole rubber band principle. I messed around and made a pretty good hanger and have decided to switch my routine from pumping and jelking to hanging for the moment until I reach my desired length. I hung for the first time yesterday and it went pretty good but my question is where the penis was clamped seem to be bent just a tad inward. The best way I could describe it would be to imagine a straight stick that is being pulled from the middle and the stick seems to bow inward. I have read that you do not want to clamp close to the glans because of nerve damage but I am wondering if maybe I should clamp closer to the glans. I got a nice pull and it seemed to really fatigue my guy in a good way. Another thought of mine was to put pressure on the clamp in order to keep it aligned in a straight trajectory but it seems like a lot of work to keep it aligned for all that time. The hanger I made was the one with the threaded rods and wing nuts attached to two pieces of wood with drilled holes in it. Any feed back would be appreciated I might be a bit paranoid but I just want to make sure I am doing it right.

Thanks in advance

Were you gaining with manual exercises? If yes, why changing?

The opinion that girth gains hinder length gains is just that : an opinion. Actually a poll was done on that time ago that showed that this isn’t the case for most of people. The girth is given basically by how much your circumferential tunica is long, so a girthier penis hardly will oppose more resistance to the lengthening force.

The sticks of the AFB hanger should be flat, by the way. Just in case you were using cylindric sticks.

Hey marinera

I actually figured out what was going on today by accident. I am finding out that I probably need to just wait awhile before I comment because I usually figure it out that day lol. For some reason the sticks bend my penis when facing one way but if I flip the unit over it hangs perfectly straight. I think it has something to do with the way the weight pulls on one side vs the other. I was actually gaining with stretches, jelking, and the pump. In two months I gained 1/8 of an inch in length and 1/16 of an inch in girth but my long term goal for girth is 6 inches and I didn’t want my dick to look stupid. I was just assuming by pumping and jelking my dick would not grow that much in length so when I was done I would have a 7x6 or maybe even 6.8x6. I don’t know man I have just been reading stuff off of hear like everyday and probably need to just stay off for awhile.


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