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Hanging Before Pumping

Hanging Before Pumping

This is my first post in thunder’s place, although i have been lurking for some time. I’ve been hanging for over 2 weeks now, with almost 1/8” BPEL gains. Seeing this really got me excited about furthering my PE efforts, so my question is, would it be safe to pump after hanging? Im currently doing sets of 10-15 minutes @ 5 lbs 5 days on 2 days off. Would Pumping at 4-5 in/Hg 10 minutes a day be a safe start?

I think it sounds fine. Keep us updated on how it works out for you.

I am the opposite from you. I currently pump and will soon be adding hanging to my routine. When I do, I will also hang first and then pump.

As you get more and more into pumping, I would only add to your routine by increasing the time to 15 minutes, and then doing multiple sets of 15 minutes each. But stay at the 4-5 pressure levels. Increasing pressure is not as effective as more time in the tube. Also, do your kegels while you are in the tube and milk the tube to promote circulation. I am finding that strong kegeling while pumping is very effective.

And one more thing. Pump up very slowly to your target level to allow your cock to easily adjust to the pressure change.

Thanks alot gprent101, I’ll get the information out to everyone soon. I’ve read up quite abit on pumping, so I think I have a good grip on what I’ll be doing. ciao

Can you explain Milking the Tube or can you point me to a Thread that does?



Since you are a new to pe, I would caution you not to overdue it. You might experience great gains with hanging alone (length & girth) and pumping might be uneccesary at this point. You might end up with an injury or just conditioning your dick too quickly, which could impede gains that you otherwise would have realized. Good luck.


As Gpent explained to me, milking is simply (slighly) pulling the tube away from your body creating more vaccuum temporarily. Hold the tube firmly and jerk forward and back. If you don’t have a guage be very careful not to exceed your ideal pressure level while pulling the tube. Good luck.

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