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Hanging and ADS

Hanging and ADS

I have been Jelqing and stretching on and off for almost a year now and honestly I have seen some promising girth gains and maybe some length gains ( I’m too scared to measure length the past few months due to the fear of disappointment) but I am really wondering, I have never done hanging and I just feel like its the same thing as doing a downward stretch, not only that hanging kinda freaks me out so I am wondering, would hanging really make a big difference in length gains as compared to downward stretching and v stretching? I am also wondering if any of you know an a simple easy all day stretch products.

Hanging and downward stretching are similar but not the same. It could be the difference maker you’re looking for, it’s worth a shot at least. And it makes you a better stretcher. Hanging has a learning curve to it in order to get a comfortable attachment point, but other than some discomfort and time consuming de-attaching and re-attaching, there’s nothing to fear. It’s a big time commitment, most guys hang 1-3 hours a day on their on days. I tried two types of hangers, a BIB starter, and a Captains Wench, and I greatly preferred the Bib.

Maybe you should measure to see if you’re gaining length from the manual work. If not, then try hanging.

For ADS, check out the cock coil with HTW. As long as you are wise enough to safely work with lead while you put it together, it’s a great cheap ADS.
Cock Coil ADS
HTW: its a wrap

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

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