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Hair on penis

Hair on penis

It’s not normal that hair are growing on the hole penis apart of the head, right? Anyone know where I can find a article or something that proves it on this matter?

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I have noticeable follicles going up the majority of the underside of my penis. Of all the research I have done, these are normal. If you don’t want them there like me, you can remove them. I choose to use tweezers.

Are you circumcised? This can happen as a complication of circ, especially on the underside. If too much skin is removed, skin with hair can be drawn up onto the shaft.

Ideally only enough skin is removed to expose the glans penis, leaving the incision line close to the base of the glans. Unfortunately some uninformed surgeons remove far too much skin, leaving nearly all the penis shaft exposed. The skin is then brought and sutured under tension to the circumcision line. In due course puberty arrives and the skin that was stretched from the base of the penis begins to grow hair, because it was destined to do so - its pubic skin after all.

Having watched a surgeon at work doing just this I spoke to him later. He didn’t believe me at first, then the penny dropped. If you take away too much skin of course you end up with a hairy penis. His practice may well have changed. The problem is that 16 years +/- after a childhood circ., at the onset of puberty, your average surgeon has retired, moved away, …. and doesn’t see the result- therefore no change in practice.

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I’m not circumcised, yet I have hair.

PE appears to have greatly increased the volume of shaft hair visible on the underside of my rod. I have also found that shaving only worsens the problem. Tweezing, when you get used to it, is a better (but not perfect) soultion.

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