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Hair climbing shaft

Originally Posted by LoveMachine
I think like Dino said after careful examination of my dick over the months that it might be wise to do some nut sac stretching as well in order to balance out all the growth areas of PE (ligs, inner penis and outer penis, tunica, skin) so we make a nice good looking dick not to say having a bit of hair up the shaft is a big deal anyways since there are ways of removing permanently otherwise just shave it every now and then.

What are some things you can do to get rid of the hair on ones shaft. I usually just trim with small scissors. I have always had this, considering I just started PE. Glad to know others do as well!

You can remove hair permenantly?

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I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere here. By permenant I mean you won’t have to deal with shaving every week and stay shaft skin hair free for a couple months. I think tweezing the pubes out is pretty permenant but of course takes a while and some wouldn’t like the pain involved. Then there is waxing like those brazillian waxes you hear about but this is just a idea I have and don’t know if there is a safe way to do the waxing for hair shaft skin. Now that I think about it, I do remember a while back researching this one day and finding a special product on the internet for waxing pubic areas for men and women so this might something for someone to look for using google. Of course you could just shave your shaft hair with a simple razor, that’s what I do and it works for about a week or more before I have to shave again. Here are some cool threads guys about removing pubid and shaft hair… Enjoy! :)

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I shave it a couple of times a week and before dates when I think I might get some, those triple blade razors with the aloe strips work the best.

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Look into lazer removal if it bothers you that much but I dunno if they’ll do the penis itself.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
So andrew, if what you say is true, then the uncirced guys would not be reporting hair on their shaft. What say ye uncirced? Especially you newbies that don’t have a lot of PEing time in yet, do you have hair on your shaft?


I do know for a fact he’s right on the whole hair growing up the shaft more from circumcision.
Sometimes the tighter skin literally pulls the hair up the shaft - mine grows a full 1/2 way up on the underside, 1/3 on the sides and about 1/10th of the way up even the top of the penis :(

Then again I also have a medium case of turkey neck very likely due to this circumcision as well.
As for extended hair growth up the shaft specifically from PE - can’t be sure - still in my initial stages without confirmed results yet.

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To me it’s obvious.

Rising hair is obviously a result of pulling the hairy scrotal skin upwards. Turkey neck is the same basic thing. I agree with that.

My point is that this wouldn’t happen if you had sufficient skin on the shaft in the first place.

I’m uncircumcised, and I have hair growing on the underside and a bit on the sides of my shaft. I keep it shaved, so it doesn’t really bother me.

But you had it before jelqing or not?


I’m way cut…In fact I’m convince that they messed up a bit and took a little to much off when I came out of the womb….I’m a shorty with a nice sized head…

I have hair at least 1/3 the way up the shaft and lots of little explorers the rest of the way up. Cut or Un-cut doesn’t make a difference….

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Originally Posted by andrewj

But you had it before jelqing or not?

Before PE there was no hair growing on my shaft.

I may also note that my foreskin no longer fully cover the glans like it used to do.

So you are saying that skin has migrated from the base and also from your foreskin to cover your “extra” penis.

Surely, if you had no foreskin, you would only have more skin migrating from the base?


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