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Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

Anyone experimenting anything? Or do you keep it as it is?

- All shaved?
- 100 % natural and untouched?
- Shape-shaved?
- Trimmed?

I’m thinking about shaving it all off since it gets in the way of my exercises.. And it would be easier to clean and stuff too..
But I know though from earlier experiences that it stings if you don’t shave like every other day or something :/

What do girls mostly prefer? ;)

I favour trimming, I’ve tried all round shaving but the itchiness from new hair growth is a bitch, especially round the sack, I was like a five-year old again with my hands down my pants all day for a week!

Having said that, the shaved look felt ‘sexier’ if you get my drift?

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Yeah I hear you man! Well I guess I can try shaving it all off and perhaps let some of it grow back again, since it probobly won’t take THAT long for it to happen

Just remember after a few shaves it starts to grow back into a veritable forest! That’s why I trim now.

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I use a beard trimmer to trim the hair around my unit on my torso, but I pluck the shaft and the sack.


Yeah, I use a beard trimmer around my pelvic area to keep it fairly short and neat, and then shave my shaft and sack with hair conditioner and that Mach III Turbo battery powered razor in the shower. Been doing it that way for about 6 or 7 years now. Usually shave it every three days or so. The itching and irratation that you hear a lot of people talk about went away for me after a few weeks of regular shaving.. And now I can even go a week or so, and let it get really stubbly, and it still won’t bother me. But those first few weeks getting used to it can be an itchy nightmare.

As far as what girls prefer? For one, my wife loves it freshly shaven and smooth right outta the shower. However a previous girlfriend thought I was a bit light in the loafers when she first saw it.

Noone’s using any shapes huh? Might be cool though :)

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This may sound a bit masochistic, but it wasn’t that bad. I got to thinking — women wax because it leaves them smooth, they don’t get razor burn, and eventually the hair will stop growing back.

I’ve been away from my wife for a couple of months, and in preparation for our reunion this week, I have lost about 20 lbs., started PE workouts, and decided to clear the shrubbery around my tree. I didn’t have any hot wax, so I used duct tape. I know it sounds insane, but it didn’t really hurt at all, and it was very effective.

Initially, I tried to just press the tape down against the hair and pull, sort of like my wife does with the wax. That wasn’t very effective, so I started folding the tape, grasping a wad of hair between the two sticky surfaces and yanking it out that way.

I recommend starting at the outside edges where you’ll be a little less squeamish. Just do a little bit of hair at a time. When I got too aggressive, it was a bit unpleasant. In light of the method and medium, I guess you could call this the “White-Trash Waxjob.”

Happy waxing.


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I trim it

I’ve shaved everything for probably 10 years now, every girl I’ve been with loves it better that way. My fiance loves it so much that if I let it grow for a couple days she’ll even shave it herself. Nothing like having a hot girl shave your cock and balls! I have to admit though, at first I hated it because it did get itchy with really bad ingrown hairs but that went away after about a month, and you have to use a good razor. I use Mach III Turbo. Used a cheap razor once and never again. On another note, my girl shaves hers too and I think it makes the sex much more intense with skin-on-skin action, I can actually feel her clit rubbing against my skin which is awesome. Hair sucks.

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Personally I could care less about the hair :) Some girls like hair others don’t. If the women I am with doesnt like hair then thats her loss and time to move on to greener *bushier* pastures ;) . If I gave into that whats next?? Shave my chest? Stomach? Back?? Butt?? LMAO! In other words 100% just like it is. Heck I have a hard time keeping up with my face half the time. :D

Call me stupid but I could actually do that too :) like dangrzne25 said -“I hate hair”. Well so do I..

I do NOT think that it’s hot to have hair anywhere exept your head and MAYBE your legs.. The rest I could shave all off if it wasn’t such a girly thing that I would get teased for in the locker-rooms

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clippers up top, shaved down below… I know this sounds crazy but I cut myself less on my sack now that I shave it, when I clippered it I cut myself a lot.

As far as it grwong back thicker if you shave it… that is a wives tale… aka pure BS.

yes it will itch the first few times you do it but after that you will have a nice smooth sack that women love to lick… and make sure to shave back as far as you want them to go with the tongue.

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