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Great Interview on Penis Size! MUST WATCH!

Very interesting take on penis size. As much as technical matters, size does matter to some women (as nina even pointed out). I think the perception of size is more of a mental effect than a physical. But mind can translate into bodily experience. This is why girls and guys who are size queens can get very turned on mentally. And that mental stimulus can translate into a pleasurable one.

Size does matter to some folks, especially to some receivers. Also most guys here are already average to way above average, so sexual experience cannot be that bad. I have seen guys that are literally 3.5-4” x 4 or less, he really has to find girls or guys who are less experienced.

Nina even said, she felt very comfortable with 5-7”. The truth to the matter is some guys are under 4.5”! So does matter to certain degree.

I say it is all about experiences. And there are a number of size queens out there who really go for guys 7” plus. I have known a few…. Lol

God stuff on the technical side.

Another note is that for oral sex 5-5.5” girth seen to be most comfortable. Penies that are too thick are great for hand jobs. Penises that r too thin are hard on the cheek muscles.. Lol imagine sucking straw. U need to use more cheek muscle than u would to suck a banana.

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There was a written interview of some hot porn star, don’t remember who right now, and they asked her who her favorite guy to work with was. The guy she named was 6 inches if he was lucky, but could stay really hard. She said she had the most fun with him and it felt the best.

Yes, some women loved to be stretched hard, but I think most women don’t need that. If its too big it can get uncomfortable and when discomfort starts to set in, they start looking to end the session, as would we.

Ever get a blow job where she keeps scraping your dick with her teeth? You really don’t want it to go on very long.

That said, I think most women if you sleep with them consistently, will get more comfortable with time if your dick is a bit too big for her. Length however, I don’t think gets easier with time, you just need to control depth or learn to steer around the cervix, and then it can turn into a big plus for her (cul-de-sac).

I consider these interviews ALWAYS useful, just to bring my feet back on earth.

Like probably most guys here I tend to become crazy about size and PE. There are moments when I’d give everything I got just to be bigger.
At the same time I have a gf who is already troubled by my size, and feels pain when I go too deep.
So, IMO the truth is we are masochistic. I certainly feel so, sometimes.
We lust for size queens. We almost want women who make feel us inadequate.

Then I see these interviews, and suddenly I remember that there’s much more.

That is why is such a nice video. A good punch of reality on the face.

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She seemed extremely honest in the interview. Nice find! Certainly her views are just one woman’s, but I think that a lot of men and women would agree that “good sex” should include the ability to be comfortable and go wild without elaborate preparation and recovery every time.

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Great post and video. This should be a Newbie Primer to get them started in the right direction.

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Great post and in depth video.

I’ve also read a scientific study finding that women don’t find long penises as aesthetically pleasing. What really intrigues me now in the concept of a “golden ratio” of length,girth,head size, and the surrounding thigh and abdomen measurements that create a larger looking penis through optical illusions.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
You know, I think that is a good idea, lets see what I can do.

Use the magic wand, sparkyx. :)

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I found her lisp a bit distracting, but having heard from a former porn star that a 5-6 incher gets her off, I don’t feel like having a massive penis matters so much. Having a bigger one doesn’t hurt though.

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Originally Posted by HungAsianGuy
Having a bigger one doesn’t hurt though.

But wasn’t one of her central points that really big dicks do hurt a lot of women, thus making sex less fun?

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Coming from the low end of the average spectrum, having an extra inch really boosts confidence. While I say I’m fine with my size, the fact I’m doing PE means I’m just looking for a little more. Not like 3-4 inches more, just 1 or 2.

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