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Got my EQ back!! *Thunder's Clap*

Got my EQ back!! *Thunder's Clap*

Honestly, this thread is basically just meant to be a thank you Thunder’s.

I had lost my EQ due to an unhealthy college diet/life style & hypoglycemia, and I was really starting to get bummed out and depressed about my sex life. Losing EQ 15-20 mins into sex, being unable to have sex without a condom, nervousness etc. that I never used to have.

Now, after about 7 random question topics and a lot of reading, I have finally gotten it back thanks to everyone at thunder’s!

Thanks to Jelqing, Edging, Kegels & Natural supplements that I slowly accumulated/weeded through, I have greater size, became a PE enthusiast, started a routine, and am getting the best EQ of my life. Through all this, I have then boosted my sex life and over all confidence in bed, and I’d even say in life in general.

Now I can’t wait to start making gains, I’ve gotten a noticeable half inch increase in length over the past month while accumulating all this.

Thank’s Thunder’s!
Also, any questions on EQ improving? Seriously I feel like I’m the master now, I went from poor EQ to awful EQ with an injury, then decent EQ then up to better EQ than I’ve had in my life. I only use natural supplements infrequently and an easy routine that can be done in the shower, and the results are more than satisfying, genuinely improved my lifestyle.

Walkerzero;Great! I know exactly the feeling. Had a similar improvement…and renewed sense of self worth!

(By the way, whenever I have gotten that genuine fuzzy feeling for Thunders, I have made a money contribution..little as they have been. Just a thought. Can you imagine the cost of keeping all 140,000 of us in line?)

What supplements are helping you?


Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

That thread title reminds me of naked tomato. Congratulations!

I take ginseng, ginko balboa, magnesium calcium & zinc, green tea pills.

All have more than one use, provide a good amount of energy and help various things necessary for erections. Also, they all don’t need secrecy, I work out a little bit and these supplements all could be for a boost in that region (other than ginko), so I just say thats what its for and I don’t need to struggle and hide sh*t.

I take the standard dose, actually less for some (MC&Z requires you take take 3 a day, I take 2) and I do this 4-5 days a week, taking my off-supplement days friday saturday and sunday, I don’t want my body to be addicted or have it be necessary for life. If possible I’ll reduce my intake to 2-4 days a week eventually.

Balboa? You mean the one cultivated by Rocky? :D

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