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Broke my First Clap Today.

Broke my First Clap Today.

I have been doing PE on and off for over a year. I don’t do it very often(or should I say not often enough). I did go through the newbie routine. I am more interested in girth than length. Recently I have pretty much focused on clamping and pumping. I guess I may eventually be interested in length as a long term goal, but in the meantime:

I clamp using two cable cuffs and a 2” strip of mouse pad(neoprene)as a wrap. So, this evening I was clamping down as usual, and the cuff snapped. I know a lot of old pros go through tons of these, but it was the first time this has happened to me. In a way I was kind of proud. I guess I am going to have loosen up a couple of teeth.

For anyone interested I started at 6.5 x 4.5 and have now reached about 5.25 girth without PEing first. At the end of a session depending on how many sets of clamping and pumping I do, with some jelqing in between, I can hit 6” girth easy.

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That’ll do it. Wraps too thick, saw it right off. Try a thinner mice pad or you’ll be popping clamps left and right.

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I’ve gone through 6 now. I need to go to home depot to try turn key hose clamps.

I use 2 different thicknesses of Cling Gauze wrap.

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