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good question2

good question2

through the pe exersises when length is gained could it be just the the ligs have stretched and the member hangs out longer or does the cavernosa really increase in size, i believe it does in the girth, i have seen this, and also could this vary among people, i mean some only gaining length because of lig being stretched and others because the cavernosa hs increased?

geezer, read the Forum Guidelines please! (check my signature)

About your question (I’m not sure what you asked though ;) ) - I believe that the length/girth gains are about 50/50 thru doing jelq/squeezes i.e. working the tunica under pressure. OTOH, if you do tunica stretches in flaccid state, then most of gains will be in length department.

Ligs probably give away, and give the first length gains during the first months of ones PE career. That’s where all noobies should concentrate on, unless they have a LOT under 8 or so.

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SORRY johan

But my english is terrible, ihavent been really using it for the last 2 and 1/2 years, i have been abroad speaking other languages, soory but i will try my best, thanks for the guide.

What i really meant was does the cavernosa i.e. the penis chamber size actually increase in its size by producing new tissue for length and girth or is it that the ligs become looser thereby letting the penis hang out longer and give it the length increase in that way?

Hey, there’s nothing wrong in your english. The reason why I gave you the Forum Guidelines was that you should capitalize your sentences, which I see that you’ve done already. That is Good.

Back to your question — You pretty much answered to it yourself, because it (gaining) is about both ligaments loosening and creating new penile tissue. (CC’s..)


A Man behind his mask.

I like the newer version of the avatar johan!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

luv, me too! :) Got creative.

A Man behind his mask.

Ok nice one johan, thanks

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