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Good Hello

Good Hello

Right, so..

For the past 5 months I have been awakening from a stupid dream, which is attempting, perhaps in vain, to enlarge my penis. I’ve been working with’s routine. During the first 3 months, I completed every exercise listed on that site. However, During the past 2 months I switched to the length schedule, found here:


During time I have cut down many factors that may have hindered my results: lack of rest, excessive masturbation, lack of food, etc. But what do you guess? No results! Although, however, during this last month of PE, I did notice that my flaccid penis enlarged by about half a centimeter, maybe. I didn’t bother to take note of my flaccid penis, only erect. So I am fixing that mistake now.

When I realized that I just may be wasting my time I started investigating and my investigation led me to this site, this seemingly trustworthy community I am in, to which I have to inquire on certain aspects.

I have seen Memento’s routine for fast gains, and figured that there may be hundreds of routines out there designed for the same purpose.

Does everyone make their own routine and follow it? Or does one pick a pre-existing one, like the basic one listed in this site? I imagine this is very much like weightlifting, where one picks an exercise to work out his biceps, while one may pick a different one towards the same purpose. But only one is efficient, and seeing the video database I am frankly, quite lost and at a loss of decision to start with the correct ones. He he, what if I end up ripping off my penis.

1. I suppose what I want to say is, should I try the vast amount of exercises and see which works for me, or could you guys possibly give me some pointers as to what is proven to work better than other exercises (IE memento’s routine)?

2. Can the exercises be performed in the shower? I find it much easier to warm up and down and less inconvenient than grabbing a wet towel and placing it on your penis for thirty seconds, only to have to warm it up and so forth.

3. I suppose lack of masturbation to promote penis enlargement is a myth, from what I have read here?

That is all for now. I am really glad I was able to find this community as I was beginning to think that this would never work.

Welcome Smallus!

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