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Good Hello

Good Hello

Hey there all. Just thought I would post to say hello to my soon to be fellow PEers…

I just discovered PE a few days ago when certain personal insecurities had me looking for a nice, natural way to get that better penis ^_^.

So here I am, I was never a measurer and I haven’t completed all of my measurements yet, but here are my current ones.

Flaccid Length: 3 Inches
Flaccid Girth: 4 Inches
Erect Length: 5.4 - 5.9 Inches (Lengths seem to vary… Good or bad penis day ^_^)
Erect Girth: Not taken yet

When fully erect my penis sticks straight out from my body and up a little.

I’m looking to get my Erect Length up to about 7 - 7.5 inches, that would be fine for me ^_^
And hoping to get my flaccid length up to about 4 - 5 inches, maybe another inch of girth.
I think I mainly want flaccid length as when I look at my penis when not erect at the moment it doesn’t seem much.

I’ don’t think I’m asking to gain too much… What I am really looking for is better control over my erections etc. during love making… I can last a fair while with concentration… but I would prefer just to enjoy the ride… Harder, firmer erections would also be really nice… Though I think I am quite firm allready.

To be honest actual size doesn’t bother me amazingly much… But come on… All us guys want to be bigger… I really just want better control so i can use what I have to greatest effect.

Just thought I would introduce myself and my penis ^_^

I hope I can lookforward to your support in my quest, and I, in turn, will support all of you in anyway I can (Maybey once I have a bit more experience though :p )

Welcome to Thunders, Ithelian.

When you decide on whatever routine appeals to you there will be a lot of help and support for you from members here.



Welcome aboard Ithelian!!

Stick with the newbie routine and start off slowly, and take some good starting measurements as well !!

Welcome Ithelian.

Just like you I never had any problems with my pre PE size, but when you
have your first gains you´ll get hooked.:)

Originally Posted by Peter Forsberg
Welcome Ithelian.

Just like you I never had any problems with my pre PE size, but when you
have your first gains you´ll get hooked.:)

Heh, thanks all for the initial warm welcome.

And I can imagine I will get addicted to my penis size gains, if any… I aim to, by christmas/new year time to have a good routine set up, and hopefully some small gains. As the rest of my body has always responded well to exercise, I hope my penis will be the same way ^_^… But, best not get my hopes up this early, ne?

Hey bro, good to have you along with us! You have some good starting sizes.

Spend as much time as possible reading threads on here and learning how PE works.
Keep progress posted.

Current:3/31/2004 NBPEL----7.0" Base EG---5.25 Midshaft 4.8125

Start: 10/15/2004 NBPEL----5.9375" Base EG--5.0625" Midshaft 4.625

Same here, welcome to Thunders you have found hope.

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

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