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Define good sets ?

Define good sets ?

My question is. I exercise everyday (hang) and i want to know from experienced people, what is a good routine? i seem to fatigue right away because I try to work out for 3 hours a day. So what is a good routine to get into. What weight should I start with, how many sets, ect… I will tell you my current weight and routine. I usually start with 10 Lbs for one 20 minute set. Ill do some light stretching even before that for a warm up. Then ill go to 15 lbs for my next set. Then 18 lbs for the next or as long as I can.. maybe 15 min. Then another 15 minute set in a different position like over the legs. I Then go back to 13 or 10 lbs for 1 or 2 more 20 minute sets. I just want to refine and be efficient with the time I do have. I have 3 kids and am making time as much as possible. Oh, most of my workout is sitting in the chair . Should I try to lie back as much as possible to get a better angle then just sitting doing work in my chair for BTC?




You say you are fatigued right away; however you still increase the weight this seems to be a contradictory statement. Perhaps take a few days off and rest up a bit.

Your routine looks good to me you first warmup then increase the weight and gradually drop the poundage until you finshup.

I do all my hanging seated in an office chair that tilts back . My postion is with my feet up on the computer under my desk or even on the desk if I’m well rested and feeling good.

In my opinion 3 hours is a long time to train each day, 2 hours per day should show good results.

In general try and get to your “max set hang weight” by your second set. Subsequently maxout for a set or two or three and then depending on how you feel keep droping the weight increment until you are hanging one half your max weight.

Are you seeing gains with your current program? How long have you been at it. Where is your attachment point along your dick? Any heat prior to hanging?

Hope this helps and if you have any questions please ask.


Are you seeing gains with your current program?
yea…. some slight

How long have you been at it.
I jsut got serious about hanging in the last month

Where is your attachment point along your dick?
I have a bib hanger … and it is 1 inch behind the glands

Any heat prior to hanging
sometimes… mostly just good manual stretching .

Originally posted by ledzep

You say you are fatigued right away;

i am tender not to bad when i start but like a sore workout feeling but tender. it goes away after warming up and my first set.

however you still increase the weight this seems to be a contradictory statement. Perhaps take a few days off and rest up a bit.

more feedback


Although your just settling into a more serious hanging program you seem to absolutely be headed in the right direction. The fact that the soreness goes away as you get into your first set is a good thing. Your in the imfamous fatigue zone where the growth chromosomes hang out.

Seriously, I don’t know how long you have been evaluating your program prior to getting serious however my main concern for you is doing to much to soon.

Your hanging good weight at 18 pounds in your first month of serious hanging. I don’t remember getting to that weight until aproximately six months down the road.

The reason I asked about the attachment point is that I adjust this position. IMO hanging is alot like lifting weights in as much that it seems i need to change things up ( switch exercises) to hit different angles or ligs in this case.

Consider sticking with the BTC postion for now. If you have the time to hang three hours a day great, however two should work well for starters. If at all possible try and hang morning and evening this should yield better results than one session.

I’m just getting into the ADS syndrome, however this MAY be an important element in expediting lenghtening process.

If I can help anymore please let me know.

I agree with Zep, too much far too soon and you’re leaving yourself wide open for injury.

It’s not a weight lifting competition and you probably don’t need as much as 18lbs at present to see gains - it’s overkill! You may also limit your options for hanging later on by starting out so heavy because there will come a time in the future where the amount of weight you need to hang in order to achieve fatigue is simply no longer physically viable. By starting lighter you leave yourself more options for later on. The ideal is find the lowest amount of weight needed to achieve fatigue. Exploit this weight fully before moving up. Start with your heaviest weight first, achieve fatigue then drop down in weight. Continue in this manner until you finish your sets or you have dropped down to half your original starting weight.

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