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Going Crazy

Going Crazy

Hey, um I am completely lost. There is so much information, can somebody help get off on the right start. That would be real helpful

Maybe the best place to start would be with the specific queries and questions you have about penis size and functionality.

If you need any thing more ill be happy to help you. Just ask or PM me :D


Thanks for the help

It’s not a problem, glad to help!

Hi TLF, glad to have you with us:

Luka gave you some good info, here’s some more:
-the articles forum: if you want to get some info that’s where you have to go. Pretty much everything you need to know can be found there.

-Before you get slapped on the wrist by the mods, read this thread: search button
Using the search button will help you finding the info you look for.

Take your time, explore and have fun!

Now son it is OK to be crazy, you’ll just grow up crazy refining your looney skills and walk in the shadow of “Kingpole” hehehe!

I recommend the newbie routine to start with and don’t try ti digest to much information at once.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Hi TLF89,

Welcome from another Apr2007 “Newbie.”

You have been given some VERY good advice by your fellow TP members. I would also add and suggest that you do the following:
1) read as much of the threads and their postings that you can. You can learn a lot that way.
2) Learn to use the SEARCH bar at the top right had corner. If you can’t find answers, then ask the members by posting a thread in the Newbie Forum area.
3) Read the GUIDELINES.
4) Complete your Profile and PE Statistics.

Good Luck.

Originally Posted by kingpole
Now son it is OK to be crazy


It can be a bit frightening if you are new to it but it has many advantages to being sane.

As far as PE goes use the link list that Luka89 posted and you will be fine.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

How much time have you got? Because the best way to learn up, is to read threads in the newbie forum. There are more newbies than just yourself, and most have probably already asked about any issue you’re wondering about.

I joined only a few weeks ago, and I know exactly what you’re going through right now. And you’re right! There IS a lot of information to take in. And it WILL take a lot of time to read. But it’s worth having a good general PE knowledge.

Here are the 2 threads that helped me the most with their information:
The most often asked and annoying questions!
Brainwashing Techniques

After you read these, you will generally understand more, all the information will link up. After you read these, you’ll be able to know what specific knowledge you want to know. And when you want to know more about specific knowledge, you can ask about it in the newb forum. :)

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Right on, Nick33. :up:

And TLF89:

You are getting some really good advice. I’m a Newbie too, and after 2 weeks, I am STILL reading, AND learning, everyday. Just stick to it, my friend, and it will come. :D

Good Luck

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