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Glans only semi hard during full blown erection.

Glans only semi hard during full blown erection.

Hey guys I’m obviously new to the community, but I’ve had a problem for a long time. I don’t know if I used to get full erections, but when I was around 11-13 (I’m 20 now) I realized my glans was soft when I had an erection. My shaft is by no means rock solid, but it is hard. To this day my glans is pretty much 30% erect when I’m fully, and the only time it gets hard and stays hard is if I’m really aroused and that’s still only like 60ish% but when something is pressing the very top of my shaft (all along it) it blocks the blood flow out and gets to 100%. I’ve been taking ginko and ginseng for a few weeks, but do you think it’s just a PC muscle issue? And kegels and jelqing will clear it up?

Before I found these boards the website that taught me PE claimed that kegels is an essential part of PE and will better erection quality considerably. Whether this is true or not I’m not sure. But PE in general, or at least the Newbie Routine (which includes kegels), definitely does help ‘clear it up’ in my experience.

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Yes, kegels will help, also a bit of jelqing to get thew blood flowing better. Maybe, it is a mild ED? You never know.

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BTB jelqing is something you may want to try.

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