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Glans gain help needed

Glans gain help needed

I’ve been jelqing for around 2 months now and have noticed slight gain in girth and more gain in the hanging length which is great. However I really want to increase the size of my glans. Anyone know any exercises specifically for this?

I saw an excercise, but I can’t remember what it was called. After you are done jelqing, get a 50- 60% erection, make an OK grip behind your glans, should be firm. Then, with your other hand, and some lube, grip the base of your penis as if to jelq, and slowly move your hand forward to meet the hand behind your glans. Let go and repeat. You should feel your head expand as you move your grip forward. Always maintain the grip behind your glans. Maybe start with 10- 15 times. Listen to your body.

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Suggest doing your jelq slower about 5 seconds intervals making sure the head is fully stretch (shiny). Only jelq 1 or 2 inches from base (as far down as possible) grip firmly, kegel some blood to your unit and then jelq slowly and hold about 2 seconds. Then repeat. Having above 70% erection rate works best for me. WARNING: Do not over-do this exercise. When your unit looks or feel fatigue, stop. Try it for a week and let us know the results. This is part of my routine, I’ve gained half an inch in length and about 3/8 of an inch wide. Now the glands measure about 2” length by 1 7/8” wide. Good luck.

To the best of my knowledge, no known ways of gaining glans size exist except possibly glans pumping / hanging with oversized vacuum device (search for kaplan glans cylinder and sparkyx version of the suckXtender - pictures in “stretcher pics” thread by mbuc). The glans pumping I don’t know, but there seems to be anecdotal evidence of gains from vacuum hanging.

My take is that the tissue in the glans needs expansion for much, much longer times than the tunica - the tunica is tough and will “rip” a little, whereas the glans is soft and will stretch, and then bounce back nicely.

regards, mgus

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I have heard the Uli routine is nice for glans gains.

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Thanks ppl. @ Mackereljohn I usually jelq for an hr 5-6 times a wk so my dick is used to alot of pressure but not tried the method ur suggesting. To all jelqing is fab! I’m trying to hit the 8 inch mark at the mo I’m round about 7 so a while to go yet..

Thanks all for ur advice, this is the best site I’ve been on for this- glad to hear from all of you. Will get sum pics up soon!

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