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I made a BPEL and FSBPL gain but no NBPEL Gain

I made a BPEL and FSBPL gain but no NBPEL Gain

Hi guys,

i have a problem:I have made a 0,5 cm gain in bone pressed erect length(BPEL) and a 0,5 cm gain in flaccid stretched bone pressed length.
0,5 cm is round about 0,2 inch.
But i didn’t get a solid NBPEL gain.Sometimes its although 0,2 inch but it varies.

Next problem is:my bpel is one inch longer than my nbpel.I’m not a fat guy,I’m sporty.
Is this normal?

Welcome to the club!

Are you sure you’ve not gained some weight? The time I’ve spent PEing has taken away time from exercise for me, or it did initially and now I’m just lazy.

At my peak of fitness I had a 0.25” fat pad, now I have an increase of about 0.75” BPEL and about 0.75” fat pad. It seems it’s quite easy to have some extra fat around there. I’m not a fat guy either, but I have more than I’d like. I’m going to try to get down to 0.25” over the next year though.

As for the gain, congratulations. These things are strange, but go with the BPEL only, NBPEL is too unstable for most people it seems. Focus on the fact that you have more dick to use in sex, if not visually right now.

Final point, to measure an increase of 0.5”cm BPEL is pretty obvious, but NBPEL practially impossible to be sure! You could vary it by breathing, or the way you stand even. Best stick to BPEL and keep doing what you’re doing!

Well done.

Maybe you measured incorrectly the first time.

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