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Glans Discoloration

Glans Discoloration

This has probably been asked several times, so please direct me to a different thread if it can answer my question.

I am currently taking a break after some overtraining as a newbie. However one of the visible effects I can see on my penis is a ring of discoloration around the outer edge of the glans as well as the glans underside. It’s a brownish-grey color, while the top part of my glans is a bright red/pink. After getting erections it almost seems like the discoloration is spreading, but that could just as easily be my mind playing tricks on me. My fear is that it’s dead tissue or something of that nature.

I can’t tell whether it’s bruising from stretching incorrectly, or if it’s from getting overzealous with jelqing. Any help?

Is it temporary, does it disappear after a few hours of doing no PE? If so it’s nothing to worry about, my penis always gets a bit blueish at the tip of the glans after hanging or stretching a lot.

It’s not a positive PI, but I don’t believe it’s overly harmless if it goes away quickly. If it’s permanent, I would be slightly concerned.

It’s not blue or purple, but my worry is that is has been there for a while. I haven’t PE’d for at least a week and a half and it’s still there. It’s not a jarring discoloration though. The color shift is somewhat gradual, but I can tell things look different. The area doesn’t feel numb, there is sensation.

But who knows, the underside of my glans might’ve always been darker and I just didn’t notice it. I still think that my overtraining aggravated the issue.

When I injured myself 4 years ago, I also got a tiny discolored spot on the glans. It’s only visible when flaccid and it didn’t go away. Dead tissue? Doubt it.

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