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Glanderection problem

Glanderection problem

Before I started this programme I had a great sex life but like most wanted to look the part when both flactit and erect. I could have sex and be hard again very quickly and had a great time but thought if I could get to 7” or greater and when flatit look great it would be even better.

I have written on here about pain before and was told I was tolding too tight and this is not required as soft strokes move the blood vessels just as good.

Last weekend I was away with a new lady who I adore but my confidence is an all time low at the moment and although had a great weekend and I got her to come with penerative sex on a number of occassions I also struggled in keeping it up rock hard on a few occasssions which completely messed my head up.

Another issue is my gland is tingling and sore and I have stopped jelking at this moment in time.

Last night was the nail in the coffin so to speak as I made love with new partner and lasted all of two minutes and my gland was throbbing and sore and I could not get hard again. I am so scared that I may have permantly damaged the gland and this is affecting me in the head and in bed.

Please give me some advise!


First things first, take time to check your grammar and spelling when posting, that’s one of the requirement’s
of the forum. Be sure to use the <<spell checker>> function. I’m guilty of it myself.

How long have you been Jelqing for, and are you doing the newbie routine? And if not what routine are you doing?

Sounds like you have possibly been gripping to hard while jelqing.

Anyhow take a few days of to a week for starters and I would advise you start the newbie routine.

Jelqing can be pain to get the feel for it’s very easy to grip to hard.

My routine is warm up 5 minutes with hot towel followed by stretching for 5 mins and then jelking for 10 to 20 minutes and finally a warm down for 5 minutes! Does that sound ok and I have been doing this for about 6/8 weeks. Not really done kennalls but will start as they are important as they help with the hardness of the penis do they?

Will the pain go away as I am worried?

Your advise and that of others is so important so thanks!

Kegels is good for the hardness of the erections.
Try to let the penis rest for some days and see if the soreness disappears. You can do warm-ups to increase the blood-flow and healing.

But what a ****?
Can you explain these words please


Starting 01/05/2009: BPEL: 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) MSEG: 12.5 cm (4.9 inches)

back then: BPEL: 17.5 cm (6.9 inches) MSEG: 13 cm (5.1 inches)

Now: BPEL: 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) MSEG: 12.7 cm (5.0 inches)

Yes getting us to the site so grammar spelling alittle off. Must try harder. Thanks for advise

I am in constant pain in head of my penis will this subside?

Sounds like maybe you were jelqing too hard. STOP ALL PE until your penis feels normal again.

P.S. The head of your penis is called “glans” not gland. Testicles are glands.

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