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Giving PE a shot

Giving PE a shot

Hi everybody out there on the internet.

I’m a young stud with the age of 23.
I have decided to give PE a chance, since I have had low self esteem since my first sexual encounter where I couldn’t get hard.
I have been with a few girls since then and sometimes I have the same problem, where as sometimes I can get erect, but unable to finish of.
Actually at some point I was wondering if I might be gay since I had all these problems with getting erect and ejaculation - Tried and I can tell you that was not something for me :S (No disregards for being gay, but I didn’t like it, and the same issue was still present)
So I have come to a point where the only way I see is to get my self esteem - Up and skyrocketing -
This is were PE will play its role, my theory is that with a larger cock, then I will start to see myself in a different light, perhaps join some nudist club or whatever, where I can socialize without being afraid of showing my penis, and without being afraid of performing.
I do not have any problems when I’m alone, so it is not ED, it’s just self esteem..

The routine I have decided to use is a mix of the different newbie routines.
It will be a 2 on and 1 off, with around 30 jelqs in the beginning, stretching - Left, right, up, down and straight out - and fowfer (as much as possible, but don’t have many opportunities to do it)
I will slowly increase the amount of jelqs (I think once a week, or when I’m feeling like it), as well as adding some more stretches every week.
Since I’m European I will probably post my stats in centimeter, but if it’s a big problem for someone, I can of course calculate it to inches, but won’t do that until someone asks for it)

I have been reading a lot here in the forums on Thunder’s Place the past week, and I actually started one week ago with light PE exercises while reading (I think I have read at least 24 hours the past week - so I’m feeling ready for this adventure, which hopefully will change my life for the better :-)

Now to my first statistics:

BPEL: 17,5 cm (When it was biggest, but not very often it gets this hard and for very long periods of time - Normal length is 17 cm)
EG: 13 cm
BP-FL: 11 cm
FG: 11 cm

I’m skinny, so my measurements will be more or less the same for bone pressed and just measuring my dick when erect, that’s why I’m only posting bone pressed.

BTW, I am not a shower, and the flaccid length varies a lot during the day, I’m gonna try to measure it when it is at it’s biggest.
It’s actually the flaccid length where I want to gain most, and become a shower instead of a grower (My idea is that I will a lot less worries if my cock is already big when some girl takes my pants off :-)

I will do my utmost best to keep this thread updated, not everyday, but hopefully a few posts during the week :-)

I do not have a goal as of now in numbers ; I guess it would be nice with a 20 cm long erect cock and 16 cm erect girth, but where I hope to gain most is my flaccid hang, so it won’t shrink so much in public and with girls :-)

Any of you been circumcised when you were at my age or around that age? Because I was “half” circumcised when I was a child because of some infection in the foreskin and now my cock just looks ugly, where half of my foreskin goes below the gland and the other half sits above/ on top of the gland. That’s why I have been thinking about removing the rest of my foreskin, so I could get a beautiful cock like many of you guys.

Any thoughts or ideas, then you are welcome to give me a reply.

Good gains to all of you ;-)

Hi dev00,

What are those stats in inches? :D

More reading is always good. It sounds like you are starting sensibly but I question the effectiveness of the fowfer at all.

That’s about it on the thoughts and ideas front, you seem to have things covered and you didn’t really ask any questions.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hahaha ;-)
Alright, I’m gonna post both in inches and cm from now on.

BPEL: 6.700
EG: 5.100
FL: 4.300
FG: 4.300

Happy? :-P

Yeah, I love reading all the different threads on this forum, I think I will be addicted to this before the end of the week :)
I have been doing these foxfers and I will agree with you on this one. When I have been doing them my penis will start to turtle back as soon it’s released from the foxfer, and since I have read in many threads, it is all about maintaining the post PE sized dick, then I will have to say that foxfer aren’t any good.
That’s why I have decided to stop doing them and instead I’m making the helicopter every time I see my penis turtle up.

As I wrote earlier, my biggest problem is my flaccid length, I’m a grower, but want to be a shower, especially in the summer months, and I think it would boost my self esteem enough to help me from getting the performance anxiety when I’m with a girl :)

So far I have been sticking to my routine.

Warm up, most of the days, then stretching and jelqing.

On a side note, then I have started to stretch my scrotum as well because my balls are going all the way up in my body when I’m erect. Found a really good guide on another site - if anyone wants the link, just PM me :)

Lol I have the complete opposite problem , my balls hang like two sand bags. Our goal is the same though. I need to make a larger flaccid to compete with my balls haha.

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