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Is it possible to gain girth on the area of the penis that you want? Would I be able to gain girth on the cc urethrae (bottom tube) rather than on the cc penis (side tubes)?

Questions for the girls: Do you like a penis fatter sideways, or do you prefer it fatter the other way? Or do you not have any preference?


My belief is this:

To gain in the CS and head, kegal before each jelq stroke.

To gain in the CC, don’t kegal before each jelq stroke.

The CC make up much more penis than the CS, so my current hypothesis is that focusing on the CC (no kegal before stroke) would create more measurable girth.

However, I believe that growing the CS makes your girth look more impressive and makes your cock look more manly.


There is no replacement for displacement

What does ‘CS’ and ‘CC’ MEAN?

no pain,no gain

OK, here is the deal

……unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” rule here for girth.

Even more so for girth than length. Each man is gentically different and we have not come up
with any rules of thumb like LOT for length yet.

What works for me, extreme horse squeezes and two handeds, may be ineffective for others.
For some, pumping is good, for most it is not. It all depends. For some, hanging is good
for girth, especially at the base.

I just wanted to set the dialogue on the right path so we don’t repeat some of the
oversimplified rules of the past.

One must keep experimenting to see what works best.


CS is corpus spongiosum

CC is corpus cavernosum

These are what fills with blood in the penis when you get an erection.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks for the replies.

Um, so can I expect gains in both the CS and CC with dry jelqing and some horses?

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