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Girth only

Girth only

Hey guys.

I’ve been jelqing on and off since about October/November. Sometimes I take weeks off, it’s very intermittent. Typically I would just erect dry jelq and kegel, et cetera. It’s increased my erectile quality, and my head gets much harder and bigger. I haven’t gained any girth at all, but I recently added some erect squeezes in.

I’ve tried just a little bit of semi-erect dry jelqing recently and here’s my problem:

In October I was 7.2” BPEL. I’m 8.0” BPEL now. I don’t know how it happened. I don’t PE rigorously at all. My routine is bull crap and it shouldn’t have work.

One may be a difference in measuring. I don’t know how I accounted for my curve when I measured in October, but now I measure along the curve, rather than straight from the pubis to the tip of the glans. Hence, it may be that some of the “gain” is from a difference in measuring. My increased quality of erection in the glans has probably been the majority of the gain, as well.

Here’s the thing: I’ve always been happy with my erect length. I remember measuring as long ago as early puberty, when I was only 5.5” BPEL. My girth I’ve always felt is a little low at 5.1” MS EG and 5.3” BS EG, and I want to get it bigger. However, I only want girth increases. I’m more than happy with 8.0” BPEL (~7” NBPEL - big fat pad), and I do NOT want to get longer. I want my mid shaft to get a lot thicker, preferably with the gains being in my corpus cavernosum, and not the spongiosum. I don’t know how realistic this is. I also don’t remember what my girth measurements were but I thought they used to be 5.25” MS EG, so I think the erect jelqing may have hurt my girth, as I’ve heard it does for some.

What should I do for girth gains only? I may continue semi-erect jelqing but I really do not want any significant gains at all in length.

I’ve been trying squeezes and when I feel ready I’ll move up to horse squeezes, but is there anything else? I’m too lazy to try clamping or pumping, and I’d rather not have the paraphernalia lying around the house.

Oh, additional information: I’ve been measuring the exact same way recently, and a week ago I was measuring at 7.5” BPEL, and magically last night and today I’m at 8.0” BPEL. This is from two erect jelqing sessions of less than ten minutes and two or three semi-erect jelqing sessions. A couple of squeezes.

Probably it would be best to try some pumping. That tends to geve girth rather than length.

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Clamping is nice all you have to do is go to Wal-mart or home depot and buy a clamp

Their cheap

Then when your not using the clamp on yourself just use in on some wires like for the toaster speakers or guitar amp something

It’s a cable clamp, it’s primary design wasn’t for a penis haha

If you don’t want to use devices, give high erection jelqs a try. They were responsible from getting me from 5.5EG to 6.063EG. The only thing is they are very intense and you need to have a good understanding of your penor before attempting.

Oh, and paraphernalia only relates to drug stuff; pipes, bongs, vapes etc. But you already knew that:) .

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Thanks for all the responses guys! I’m not willing to try clamping obviously for at least jelqing for a few more months. I’ve been doing it off and on for about nine months, and I gained about an inch in length - way to much, I did not want to gain length at all. Girth has been odd, I think it went down and is going up again now that I’m using ulis and bends and squeezes.

But aom91, I’m curious, how exactly should a high erection jelq feel? I feel like when I do a low erection jelq (30-40%) I get much better engorgment and enlargement. Even when I do horses squeezes they seem to work a ton better when I’m at a low erection level.

Also, I don’t wrap, which I know you’ll all say is a problem, but when I apply heat to my little friend, he turtles really bad. I’ve no idea why. He just doesn’t like heat at all. Fowfers barely help turtling stop.

I just want to increase tunica soreness after a workout and prevent turtling. And I want the damn thing to stop getting longer. I think I may be at 8.125” BPEL. Ick.

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