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Girth of the shaft skin and girth gain

Girth of the shaft skin and girth gain

I am new to thunder’s place, but I am surfing your site for quite some time.

In your Main Member Forum there is a TGC theory about how penis will growth after suitable exercise.
TGC theory says:
“The tunica is a strong tendon-like tissue that surrounds all three corpus chambers—and the smooth muscle within the chambers.” and
“The TGC Theory revolves around how you can exercise your “limiting factor,” which is either the tunica or the smooth muscle.”

But I think there is one factor you did count: the girth of the shaft skin of the penis,
I don’t think this skin can be trained.

What I think is
“Tunica and smooth muscle are all in penis, and penis is surrounded by skin,
So if a man’s penis shaft skin is tight (small girth), no matter how hard he exercise,
His penis girth gain will always be limited by the girth of the shaft skin.”

Any I right or wrong?

The skin is a very tough part of the body but it will stretch fairly easily. I have proof of that at the moment as I have developed al arge bump on my elbow which looks rather like the size of a hen’s egg. It is full of liquid although gradually going down. But I expect the skin will be loos there when it finally subsides.

Also you can see the foreskin will stretch after a too heavy pumping session.

Since starting PE my girth has increased and the skin has grown with it.

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Look at an obese person, their skin did not limit their size gain.

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