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Signs on Girth gain

Signs on Girth gain

Yes I am very tenacious, and I know i am gonna gain girth no matter what! However I need your help! By asking all of these girth questions, I am gonna help others in the forum as well.

What are the signs to gaining girth? stretch skin, warmth, you name it.

I want to know what happens before you gain girth, anyone who has gained girth consistently (not just a lucky 1/4 inch) let us all know what it is that’s helped you understand the art of gaining girth and how you incorperarted PI’S.

The way I see it I see way to many guys saying “1 inch girth gain is not likely” I just don’t buy it. I know I have only been PEing for a little over 4 months, but girth gains to me should be more likely to come than length gains for most. I think that people haven’t found the way to properly work girth. I know it’s hard to find what gives you the most expansion etc.

Lig gains seem to come somewhat easy for those who have potential, I think that girth gains are not so dependednt on genetics but the fact that people don’t know what they’re doing, I want everyone to read this post and know everything they can about how to gain girth.

You’ll know when you gained girth. I knew by just holding my dick in my hand! And also my girl tells me. Yeah, I never get tired of hearing that.

I know you’ll know, but it’s not easy to some, I wanna know what are the signs that your doing the right thing. I don’t expect girth to just come easy, and maybe that’s the problem. However, I want to know what you look for in your workouts and how you mold your workout to gaining girth. How much expansion do you get after a work out? is a very small expansion such a .05 enough after a workout, or should you be looking to gain 0.1+ after every girth workout?

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