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Getting Circumcised

Getting Circumcised

I don’t have insurance. How much is it? Where do you get it done? Can I PE after the 4 week healing period? What else should I know about it?

Well go to your doc and he’ll check it out and ask you some questions and set up an appointment with a urologist. He made the appointment for me but if you want it done at a certain time then id suggest you ask him about a certain date or something

From AG’s thread in members image, and it should be stickied and near the top, he tried to PE after a couple months and laid off cause of swelling and I think pain so id prolly give yourself a lot of time off from PE (just from what I’m taking from his thread and experience)

How much it is, well I wouldn’t know with no insurance.good luck tho

Would insurance even cover this?

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Yes insurance would cover it, it did for me. Even if you just wanted to get circ surgery with insurance I’m sure the uro doc would just make up some stupid reasoning to get paid anyways

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