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To be circumcised or not to be.

To be circumcised or not to be.

I have thought about being circumcised. The problem is that I do PE and have some veins going from the shaft to the skin on the glans. My intention is not do the operation now, but maby sometimes in the future.
At that time a probobly have done some PE(if a see some results ofcourse).

Will that effect my gains(if I am lucky to have that) and reduce them? Is it possible to be circumcised in a PE training period without any effects or do you think I should do it after or before PE?
What will happen to the veins, going from the shaft to the skin on the glans?

At last if you know anything or have own experience about circumcision (that is good or bad) it will be nice if you can tell me. Maby it´s not worth being circumcised at all.

Good gains all!

It’s your penis and you can do as you please. However, the foreskin is there for a reason. It’s well known that the most sensitive part of the penis is the frenulum (the “sting” that connects the foreskin to the shaft) and that is often removed during a circumcision. Often the skin of the glans, which now is moist and sensitive, will become dry (keratinized) and some report a loss of glans sensitivity. The veins that now grow into the foreskin covering the glans will be clamped and cut. Then the part that’s left will end abruptly at the circumcision scar. And there will be a scar. If the surgeon is careful, the scar will be a gradual transition from dark to light skin (in most Scandinavians) and it will circle the penis in an even manner. If s/he is less than careful, the scar could be uneven, ragged or even contain lumps of raised scar tissue. Most of that, of course, depends on how your body deals with healing its tissues.

Another thing to consider: if too much skin is removed then the shaft skin will be tight. This could certainly make future PE gains difficult. If you have the surgery while PEing, you’ll have to wait for it to heal (at least six weeks) before continuing. And even then you can tear the scar with the excess pressure of jelqing.

We have several members who have been circumcised as adults. ThunderSS and firegoat come to mind. They don’t seem to have had any problems. I guess the biggest question is: why do you want your foreskin removed?

Originally Posted by westla90069
I guess the biggest question is: why do you want your foreskin removed?

At first, thanks for the answeres, just what I needed :D

Well, I have a lot of skin, especially around the balls.(I can move them around as a like) The skin hang down from the upper shaft to the balls as a sail sometimes. I can press the skin back to the balls if a want to, but it looks like the first part of the dick is pretty fat and big, and the upper shaft do not. It look almost funny somehow. What I have heard the glans gets bigger if you remove the foreskin. And that is one reason why. Also it´s easy for me to get dirt under the forehead(it smells really bad). But I am 18, maby thats why, I mean teenagers use to have a lot of
Pimple and stuff like that. Also I have heard other good things, I also think it´s look nice,
And maby you get better uppershaft gains(from PE) without forehead(but thats just what I think)

But when I really think about, maby I can get a harder, less sensitive, and bigger glans(thicker skin) by just pull back the forehead before I move around.

Do you think that it´s easier with good gains when you have much skin?

I don’t think the amount of skin has anything to do with gains.

If you have trouble retracting he foreskin and have bad smells you can stretch it gently every day until it moves back easier. Of course washing it every day is important to reduce the smell. However, your age may be more of a factor since you’re producing lots of hormones and your body is adjusting to being an adult. Circumcision for this reason is pretty radical, IMO.

The glans is a difficult thing to enlarge. It is not made of the same tissues as the shaft and jelqing or stretching usually will not make it larger. Or may only temporarily make it larger, but it goes back to its former size. My opinion is that many guys here examine and complain about every part of their penis and worry that if they don’t make everything larger that they won’t be able to have sexual partners. Rubbish! Make large the parts you can and don’t worry about the others.

As far as having the surgery, you will have to make up your own mind. I’d suggest leaving it alone, but that’s because I lost mine at birth and have always admired those who are natural.

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