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Gaining friends

Gaining friends

I´ve started at about 7 inches in length from what I remember and now I have certainly 7,5” I´m in for about 8 months, But BIG BUT, I have changed my routine to 1 day on 1 off for the LAST TWO MONTHS, because of NO VISIBLE GAINS in FIRST SIX months.(which was too rough I though - almost none of recovery days) so, now I have a lot of time for recovery and more time for other thinks, like dating with my girl, which is thousand times better, then destroying my dick for almost 40 minutes every day.. Now I don’t care about routine too much. My dick is not thick - 5”, but now I have almost 8 inch BPEL so that was my final goal in length.

The funny thing about it is, that I was going primary for girth, but who would say no to another 1, 25 centimetres in length?

I’m not the one who hangs or other things I´m doing jelqs like about 60 precise ones and before that for two weeks I´m using bathmate 10- 15 minutes, which is not good for length either. But temporary increase my girth to about 5,3” a would not say that, but that is a HUGE difference in EG I want that size right now:D The bad think about Bathmate is, that on the base of my penis every time I use that shit, My vein pups out and it hurts a little, but no blood under skin, just the pressure suck it out :( and it looks like a little bulge but its not, because it disappear in about few hours. It is not visible but can by found by my hand.

I stretch a little 15 secs x 3

My goal is to go for what it can give. If its length then to 8” in girth my short term goal is about 1cm that is a lot of difference.

Nice gains suckerpunch. I’m glad you found what works for you. Most people would start with less and go to more if necessary :D You may find though that the work you did earlier, enabled your gains - i.e. that the gains were waiting for some breathing space to show. Maybe.

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It is pretty common for guys on intense PE routines to find that most/all of their gains come when they take breaks to rest and heal.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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