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My female friends on ideal penises

My female friends on ideal penises

Hi guys :)

This is my first post - I’ve traversed the forum some days now, and let me start off by saying, that I really dig you guys and this forum. When I read, what you write, I see a lot of love, compassion and respect. This is really unique for an online forum - and especially on the sensitive subject of penis size, where you usually wind up reading a lot of stupid reactions from premature boys and ppl in general, who do not keep a decent tone. Thank you!! And keep it up :)

I’m only getting started on PE (just finished my 3rd jelqing-session!) - I’m approx. 6x5” (erect) and am primarily concerned about gaining a little girth. Thus, my (modest?) goal is reaching 7x6”.

I have discussed the subject penis size for many years with many girls - both lovers, past lovers and female friends. I’d like to share some of my collected experience with, what these girls think of penis size.

First of all, my general impression is, that for most girls, girth is by far the primary thing. I’ve heard it over and over: “if it’s too long, it hurts me and hits my (what’s that place?). But as long as the girth is good, I’m good!”

I’ve always considered myself rather small. I realise now, that I’m spot on the average. That said, I’m here for the same reason as probably a lot of you: to get rid of the doubt and to gain and maintain confidence. I have never felt, I could not please a woman with my 6x5’er. As a matter of fact, I have heard near all of my girls say, that my penis is perfect in size. My current gf says, she’s only been with 1 guy larger than me - and that was “ridiculously large”. She said, they tried to have sex once, and his allegedly porn-penis was the direct reason, she broke up with him. She was really sad! She’s also told me, that I’m about the maximum, she can take, and - when finding out, I was having some issues about it - she laughed and said, I was ridiculous, cute but way way off: I was the perfect size, where she could do anything, only feel pleasure, never pain, and she gets an orgasm every single time, we have sex (2-3 times excluded approx. - She’s very honest about it). Finally - just last week (and this made me really happy), she had her first vaginal orgasm. Since then, she’s had 2 more, and she tells me, this is totally new to her. And I believe her! And love it :)

Another female friend of mine told me about her ex-boyfriend - a small, bald, insecure guy, but with a 9 incher fat as— really fat. She told me, she would bleed and hurt after each intercourse, eventually leading to primarly oral satisfaction for him, since she would rarely be up for the pain. Her current boyfriend, which she describes as “amazingly perfect” in regards to penis, is 7” long (girth I do not know).

All this said, each and every girl, with whom I have discussed this, say, that size does so matter. Specifically, if it’s “too narrow”, “too short” or both, it’s almost surely a problem for her. The only thing seems to be, that I have gotten the lower limits all wrong from thousands of hours watching porn. All these girls seem to agree, that average is not just okay - it’s all you ever need with 95% of girls. Now, I know there are size queens out there, and I obviously haven’t run into any of those yet, discussing penises. To that I can only say, that if I were ever to meet a girl, who would see an average cock as a deal-breaker, she would probably not be my cup of tea anyway. On the other hand, I have heard, that e.g. Women, who have given birth, seem to need especially a little more girth than average in order to be satisfied. But in general it seems, that “small” to girls is, in fact, really small. Average is in most cases ideal. (And another thing is, that, visually, I bet (with all due respect!) most girls cannot tell the difference between 6 and 7 inches anyway)

Anyways: I’m not sure, I can find any conclusion on all this. I just thought, I would share my experience gained from conversations with girls, most of whom totally unbiased, as they are merely female friends and not lovers, who would “be nice” to me.

Keep it up ^^

My experience has been about the same: I’m almost dead on average and I’ve never failed to satisfy a woman because I was too small. I’ve also found that most woman are perfectly happy with a dick anywhere between below average and above average (say 5” x 4.5” to 7” x 5.5” range) as long as the guy knows what he’s doing. I’ve actually had a couple of lady friends tell me that most of the really big guys they’ve been with were terrible in bed (the explanation was that these guys assumed their size was enough to please women and never bothered to learn how to please a woman, whereas smaller guys tried harder — their words not mine). For those of us in the average or bigger range, the size obsession is really in our heads — like bmyg said, 95% of women would care less.

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