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Gain Length

Gain Length

Hey bros I am new here and want to ask that I was doing PE (especially jelqing) about 500 daily. Every jelq took 2 seconds and I gained girth. But now my goal is length gains, because I am just 5 inches in length. Please suggest me a routine workout to gain length. And I usually get erect while increasing blood flow in my penis. Please guys help me.

Hello bhramit,

You should spend more time in reading topics on forum. Also tips for beginners a newbie routines. Then you would know that stretching (mainly down direction) is basic for getting your length, then jelq ofcourse. But your jelq stroke should last at least for 3sec, but better is around 5sec. Also jelqing when your unit is hard, gives you girth mainly. For length is better jelqing around 50% erection.
Search for “linear newbie routine” and try it for some time. You don’t need 500 jelqs per day, that’s kind a too much.

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Hey there bhramit!

How long have you been jelqing? 500 daily is a lot, and I’m not sure if it’s the best option for you. And what are your measurements when you started and now?

Read this, it might help you: Jelq

Another good starting place: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Info

Resting days are important, so you should not jelq every day. Warming up and stretching is equally important. As a last tip, I’ll say that you should never jelq while you have a 100% erection, but you should remain at 40-50% throughout the entire workout. Getting a bit harder during the workout is normal, just take a little break. After a few seconds you should be good to go again!

From doing the beginners routine, stretching and jelqing you should gain length. The only explanation I have that you only gained girth is that you jelq while you are very erect (more than 80%) and that is not good for a beginner.

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Thank you future big shock and the cereal guy. You guys are really helpful. And my erect length is 5.1 inches and EG is 4.8.

Good evening bhramit, how’s things on that side of the ocean? All cool?

Totally agreed with Futures and Cereal, 500 jelqs per day is way beyond the recommended.

Welcome to our forum buddy, have a nice among us.

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Thanks guys I am counting on you. With your tips, experience and suggestions maybe soon I also will be having a big dick. :)

Originally Posted by bhramit

Thanks guys I am counting on you. With your tips, experience and suggestions maybe soon I also will be having a big dick. :)

Welcome bhramit. We’re glad you found our cozy little corner of dick-pulling weirdness! :)

We’re definitely here to help you out, but remember that your ultimate success depends on your dedication and perseverance and knowledge. (And Patience)

We’re here to encourage :cheerlead : and support.

Have you made good, accurate pre-PE measurements yet? If not you’ll probably want to so you can track actual gains. Keep track of them in the PE Stats Data Site if you wish. Also, consider taking pre-PE pics for comparison later. You don’t have to post them, but you’re certainly welcome to if you want. A lot of us regret not taking them.

Good luck and stay in touch.

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