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Frightened Turtle Syndrome


Frightened Turtle Syndrome

Anyone have the extreme small flaccid size? I am over 6.50 bp inch a 4.75eg but flaccid I’m about 1 1/2 inch and 3 girth. I is a depressing thing, I am about 50 lbs over weight but the fat only takes up one inch so pb flaccid is almost 2 1/2 inch, But sometime I have what I like to call the floppy donkey dong a full length flaccid 6 in + but thats really rare. Whats a good thing to do to keep a larger flaccid size, edging? Ballooning? I jelq 20 mins a day 200 or more kengels and clamp for 10 mins ( while I clamp I put pressure on the blood trapped and It does a good stretch. And I hang 30 mins a day with 5lb of weight and pump 3 times a week.

Any info would be great.

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Edging and ballooning really helps this. Check out my thread on the topic.


I used to have turtle dick, but not any more. I got rid of mine with manual stretching, jelqing and pumping. Doing every exercise in the book is not the answer as you will just end up fatiguing your cock too much and when that happens, turtle dick actually gets worse.

Work at moderate levels with about 3 exercises and be patient. Trying to go hard and fast will only slow you down.

Thanks guys, I will take it slower, do not want to make it worse. But I don’t see gains much if any, got a 6 LOT. I have read that it is hard to gain with that low a lot.

6-25-05 6 1/4 bpel, 5 eg Goal 8.5x6.5 Bald, Bearded, Pierced, Tattooed, Beast of a GERMAN! An Active in BRONTOPHILIA "An Attraction to Thunderstorms; Sexual Arousal from the Sound of Thunder."

There’s a reason why I chose the name of a cartoon turtle for my user handle here.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

I always like to say water. I’ve said it before and I’ll preach it some more. Drink it.The first thing that happens when I’m dehydrated is my cock goes into hiding. As much as you can and as often as you can (although sip, not swig). Have a glass of water beside you whatever you do. One night I sat and drank water constantly for about 3-4 hours. I must have drunk 6-7 litres and when I inevitably had to go for a pee my cock was huge, almost as big as it is erect, but completely flaccid.

Drink it.

And don’t substitute fizzy or sugary stuff for it, they wont work.

Jelq flaccid or close to flaccid, get it full of blood without a sexual erection.


What you propose sir, if I am correct is to turn that turtle dick into camel dick.

Having never seen a camel’s dick I can’t confirm that exactly, but the idea is about right!

(Oh god, I wish I hadn’t said that. Now someone’s going to post a picture of a camel dick aren’t they…)

Close :D

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Now I know why it’s called humping!

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Ditto on the water. I was completely hung over and sick yesterday, so dehydrated. My flaccid was the smallest its been since starting PE. Good water intake and a steady PE routine always keeps my flaccid happy.

try some golf weights

they have helped my turtle problem

In my 9 weeks of PE my flaccid is averaging 0.5 inches longer from a program of mostly jelquing. Last week, however, I really increased the manual stretching. So, I would encourage you to drink tons of h2o, lose as much weight around your gut as possible, Jelq, and stretch.

The only reason drinking lots of water increases your flaccid size is because it makes you need to urinate, so the body pushes more blood into the penis to stop “leakage”.

Once you relieve yourself, the penis returns to normal size.

So unless you want to constantly need a piss all day, which is bad for you, holding it in can damage the prostate, affecting erections, then to a degree it’s not the best of ideas.

It’s not “real gains” as it were, it’s temporary, much like the Thera P wrist band.

Just my opinion here;)

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