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Freckle sized red/purple spot on glans

Freckle sized red/purple spot on glans

I noticed this a few days ago after about a week of starting the newbie routine, so I stopped. I’m now on my fourth day off, and I think it’s starting to fade a little. Do you think it’s ok to start again, or is a freckle sized spot (bigger than pin-prick) an indicator you shouldn’t ignore and allow to recover fully?

p.s. I did do a search on this, but its hard to tell from what I’ve read if I risk this becoming permanent if I continue pe.

I’m pretty sure that’s normal temporary discoloration, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Just take your rest days and continue your routine. If the problem gets worse though, that’s a different story.

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It’s sure not a good sing. Stop until it’s goes away, then start again. That’s my advice.

Red spots are a neutral PE sing but purple isn’t so good. Trust me.

Good luck.

You may have pushed too hard. Have a week off then start again.

I think.

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I would definitely relax with the PE till it goes away. I mean, your stuck with that penis forever! PE is just not worth something permanent like that. Plus, I sure if you take like a week off it’ll be totally fine.

OK, it’s nearly a month later and it’s still there, more or less unchanged. : ( Could this be a burst vein or capillary? Will I have to wait a long time for new capillary structure to grow to replace the damaged one? Has anybody had this kind of injury as a permanant thing and kept pe-ing anyway?

I should also point out that I’ve noticed that the area around the spot is a lighter pink colour compared the rest of my glans - I’m fairly sure I’m not imagining this, although it is an effect I’ve noticed less frequently within the last week or so.


Nobody else has had a long term spot on the glans? This is kind of worrying.

Get some lotion or cream for circulation and massage your glans, particulary the spot. And no PE, or jelq with a lower erection.

You didn’t say if the spot hurts, is it numb, or something?

Chicken, Thanks for your suggestions.

I had a very slight stinging pain in the glans for a while which came and went, but that at least seems to have gone now. The pain wasn’t really localised to the spot, but felt more “internal” in the glans around the area.

I tried hot wraps and massage under the shower, but if anything it just made it worse, and the stinging pain came back so I stopped. It seems better just to leave it alone. The thing is, in terms of appearances it seems more or less unchanged. It is more noticeable at some times than others, but no real difference.

I stopped all PE when I noticed it, then re-started for a couple of days, but then thought I should let it heal fully. I have left it completely alone for at least 20 days now.

I have a feeling I got this from gripping too hard when stretching, and maybe crushing a vein or capillary but I’m not sure.

Has anyone been left with longer lasting spots and just gone on with PE, and had them fade eventually when the penis grows new capillaries?

I guess I’m asking this in the wrong forum perhaps.

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