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Fowler Question

Fowler Question

I just started doing these during The stretching part of JP’s 90 day program. I could tell that when I did them and I went to do the wet jelqs that I got a lot more further down my shaft and my penis looked visible longer. I held it for about 7 minutes.

As I’m sure that my penis did not grow from that stretch is it possible that in that moment it was elongated. I definitely jelqed way further down than normal.

Anyone experience anything similar?

Do you mean the fowfer? People talk about flaccid gains from this but I think it’s a particularly useless exercise. Anyway, your question isn’t particularly clear, so I’m not sure that answers it.

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Oh my bad maybe thats why people didnt know what I was talking about. Yea I mean after I did it I felt like my jelqing was better cause my penis was stretched more and I could jelq deeper. Get it or still unclear. Sorry I’m bad with words

Words are hard sometimes, especially when you are trying to describe a physical process that may be automatic to you. It’s not a problem, I just asked for clarification so that you get better answers. My response might also be unclear to you. It’s the way it goes.

I’m not a huge believer in fowfers and I would think you would benefit more from massage with a hot wrap than cutting the blood supply to your dick ahead of jelqing. Do you hot wrap? The advantages you may be getting are some warming of the tissue from the position of the penis and also possibly some advantage from the deformation of the penis but this would probably be better provided by a hot wrap.

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I use a hot rice bag that is moist from the microwave. How do I massage it though? And hot wrap is an exercise or a warm up?

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