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Foreskin question

Foreskin question

Hello everyone,

I have read many times that many uncut members cannot bring their skin back beyond the head of the penis and glands. I am not sure what happened to me when I was younger but I am uncut and average sized, but I can pull back the foreskin back to the base of my penis and bring it back up to cover the head when erect. I was wondering if that is normal or if my skin had been severed from the back end of the head of the penis. Also when masturbating no lube is required as the skin itself serves as the medium to work up and down the shaft. Please let me if this is normal, and I will soon post up a pic when I get the chance. Thanks

Sounds normal to me, bm10462. Sounds like you have a mobile foreskin. It’s the guys who cannot bring their skin back who have a problem, to varying degrees.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Thanks, I was a bit worried as my friend had to get circumcised due to the latter issue

Yes, it is normal for the skin to move up and down the shaft. People have foreskins that retract to different levels and which can cover the glans to different amounts when erect. As long as there is no pain or discomfort, I doubt there should be a problem.

I’m new at PEing and I tried the stretch but every time I do it flaccid it fills a bit with blood. Any suggestions? I also don’t understand LOT, I don’t know how to take accurate measurements. My penis is 6” long and 4.5” thick and it nearly touches my pelvis when it is erect. Everyone in the forums with penises that get erect really high say that there is a lot of internal penis for potential length and that the penis will naturally get thicker by a few inches from jelqing. Does all this makes sense?



Off topic question.

I need some general help so anything you say will be of benefit.

I noticed at first my guy would always get hard during the stretches, I’ve noticed the best way to stop this is while in shower, I do my stretches slowly while staring at the ceiling and place your head under the water, it tends to chill out if I focus my attention elsewhere.

I wished I had a say in me getting cut. I would like to know if people have stretched the skin to get their foreskin back.

Jelqing has brought mine back partially!

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