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Foreskin Issues

Foreskin Issues

I’ve always had problems with my foreskin ever since I was three and got it caught in my jeans zipper :-) . Since then I’ve torn it slightly twice during sex as its not quite big enough for the head of my penis to fit through comfortably. Its been about three years now since I’ve been sexually active following what amounts to a divorce of 11 years. My foreskin now WILL not be pulled back over an erect penis head. Its rather uncomfortable and difficult to keep clean. Any advice and or suggestions would be very welcome.


those hygienic and confort issues sounds like you should talk to your doctor. I am also uncut and never had any kind of those problems.

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I had a similar issue when I was younger, you just have to train and stretch it. Have a warm bath and pull it back as far as it can go, keep doing that until it can go over! You can also pull it out and try to get your fingers in there to open it up. Just play with it! Haha. Loosen it up in a warm bath and do whatever makes sense to stretch it out. Obviously don’t tear it, but pull hard enough to get a good little tingle going. Good luck!

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