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Foreskin Issues

Foreskin Issues

When I get an erection my foreskin still covers like 1/3 of my gland. I have to pull it off manually if I want my gland revealed. Won’t PE make my foreskin even bigger causing it to cover even more? What should I avoid doing and what should I do? I’m about to start the newbie routine with wet jelqing.

Is it ok if I wet jelq without retracting the foreskin?

Also is there a side effect of any of the exercises that can cause the skin to permanently retract?I would go for that.

I could have posted this in the “Uncircumcised jelqing” thread but the last post there was in 2003. I didn’t seem to have found my answers over there. Waiting for replies.

Firstly, please do not jelq with an erect penis if you are not very experienced.

PE does have a tendency to cause an increase in foreskin, some circumcised men have also show stretching of the skin around the shaft of the penis. The best way to avoid this, from what I’ve tried is to make sure that you have a good grip of shaft. Alternatively you could try holding the foreskin down whilst jelqing but that limits your motion. Possibilities could include dry jelqing but you really should only attempt that once you are more experience with PE.

It is ok to wet jelq without retracting the foreskin. Some guys have seemed to have results with that and some others, myself included, found it quite tough to have a firm grip and a good pump. You could try jelqing and after every stroke down the shaft, you pull your foreskin back again, and repeat.

I’ve not come across any exercise that causes skin to permanently retract. I’m not sure that’s quite possible but do tell me if you find out. There’s always circumcision if it bothers you that much.

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