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Foreskin issues

Foreskin issues

I am uncircumcised and when I do my PE exercises such as stretching and especially jelqing, I find that it gets in the way. I’ve also noticed that during jelqing, the foreskin gets pushed to the head and this almost always results in a “ring of red-purple dots” around the top-middle section of my penis. Stretching is also a hassle because unless I am holding onto almost just the head, I find that its stretching the skin more than anything else. This cuts off a lot of circulation to the head and I am pretty terrified of causing damage to it. Are there any tips about these problems? Thanks.

Try jelqing with a looser grip or at a higher erection level. For stretching try to get a good grip on the shaft just below the glans so you’re not just pulling your glans. If you stretch for about 30 secs and shake your dick afterwards you don’t have to worry about circulation problems.

I have a similar question. I am also uncircumsized and when stretching, I have to squeeze the glans pretty hard to maintain a good grip. If I try to grip the shaft just below the glans, I am stretching the extra skin only.

I am uncircumcised. When I stretch I roll the foreskin all the way back. While holding the foreskin back, I grip between the glans and the foreskin.

Yea, I’m basically doing what you guys are doing, but it still annoys me greatly. Rolling it back seems to help a bit, but otherwise I manage to pull my extra skin only if I don’t hold onto the glans.

I forgot to mention I roll back my skin too. Try not to squeeze the glans, if you don’t get enough grip clamp your OK grip tighter. Because your thumb and indexfinger put pressure on the sides of your dick you’re not cutting off circulation or putting pressure on your nerves ontop.

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