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For those guys who stuck to it.


:chuckle: Yea its pretty active! :bang: impressive for only 20k I thought, I’ll change it shortly

A free inch to anyone who guesses where the little guy is from

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Originally Posted by thinktank
Okay Bird. I found this on a thread in which you had participated in August, 2006. Someone has said that there is so much blather on Thunders that lots of times, the message of those who really have seen gains is lost in the blather. So tell us man what you mean by isometrics in your routine. The rest is all here on the website for our review. Details please man on isometrics. Thanks

Amazing Isometrics - expand gain potential and cut down PE duration

Originally Posted by Whalmak
Isn’t is the opposite? High erection jelq= length, low erection jelq= girth. Or am I wrong?

You are wrong. 20-40% erection aims for length, 60-80% aims for girth.

All good info


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