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First post :

First post :


Though about doing something like this for quite some time now, and now I’m finally getting around to it. I’m average size, 6.25” long, 5.25” girth, and ultimately I’d like to hit 7.5” long, 6.25” girth. My desire to increase my penis size has a lot to with an experience I had with an ex-girlfriend. It was one of those ultra rare occasions where my dick seemed to be at 110% and it was just BULGING. She looked at my dick with her eye’s practically popping out of her head and she said something like, “It’s huge!”. That was such an awesome experience, it made me feel great. Now if I can just get all the girls I’m with to say that..

I read the beginner’s routine and checked out the video’s, though I didn’t see one for kegels. Anyways, thanks to whoever started this place, I hope to make a lot of progress ;)

The one who started this place is none other than ThunderSS. We all owe him a nod of gratitude, as well as those who’ve helped him along the way.

Welcome to Thunder’s and good luck on the road to having a bigger unit!

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

And in addition, I don’t think you will really find a video on kegels, being that kegels are more of an “internal” thing.

How to do the kegels you may now be asking?

Well, next time you take a piss, while your in the middle of going, stop pissing… the “muscle” that you flex to make you stop pissing is the same muscle that you flex in order to do a kegel. All a kegel basically is is just stopping your piss when your not pissing, or in other words mimicing the actions you do when you actually do stop pissing, when in reality your not actually going. It might sound confusing, but really it isn’t confusing at all.

I hope this helps you out and saves you time in looking for a video on kegels :p . Good luck and Happy PE’ing! :up:

No dedication + No self-discipline = No Gains. This goes for working out as well. It\'s elementary math kids.

Starting Date: 1-17-05 - EL: 6 in. EG: 5.125 in. ... or 5 2/16 in. ..FL: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in. FG: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in.

14th Check-In Date (much 'rest time' so far): 10-01-06 - EL: 7 1/16 in. EG: 5 9/16 in. ................ FL: 5.00 in. ... or 5 in. FG: 4.75 in. ... or 4 12/16 in....1st Goal: EL: 7 in. EG: 5.75 in ... or 5 12/16 in.

Here’s a good thread on kegels.

Welcome to Thunder’s. And yes we all :worthy: to the big man for starting this site (big man=Thunder, just in case there was any confusion there)


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