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First Post: Delayed Gratification

First Post: Delayed Gratification

Hey everybody. I stumbled upon the site some time around December last year, but this has honestly been my first post or anything of that sort; I guess I’ve been quiet until now.

For the most part, I have been doing wet jelqing and stretching on and off; y’know, traditional newbie routine. But anyway, my results were rather minimal to start, and I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. Then March came around and things started to become noticeable. As of now, I believe I have gained nearly half an inch in length and a quarter inch in girth, and like everyone else hope to get more. I’ve also switched my routine around to trying out the uli and later stretches. And, sometimes I do sadsak’s slinky technique at another time of the day.

Recently I’ve been trying something new while jelqing. It’s nothing drastic, but as I stroke with one hand, the other holds back the base skin with a finger on each side and presses down. It seems to help with flaccid growth a little, as I’m noticing, but should I perhaps reconsider doing so?

Also, I have never really felt any extreme pain so far that would cause injury to my shaft. Am I being too light on the exercises or am I just lucky and not getting hurt so easily? Sometimes I’d like to think my cautious nature is finally paying off for something. ;)

Anyway, I’d like to end my small rambling with a personal thank you to everyone who has made this what it is today. *Sigh* If only I found out a couple years ago, I wonder what I’d be now. Hahaha.

Congrats on the gains man, great first post. Some of us overzealous idiots could learn a little from your cautious nature.

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Dimitrialte, congrats on your first post, keep posting. About you wishing you were here a few years ago I wish Ithe same thing! Man, what kind of a monster I could possibly have now! :) Actually the title of your post made me take a look since PE really has a lot to do with self-disipline. It sounds like you are on a steady path to some good gains.

Your jelqing techniuqe is interesting, I might have to try that some day. It reminds me of when I used to press down with my fingers when I would do basic manual stretchs (and maybe I still should) to get that extra lig stretch at lower angle stretchs. I think it helped so for a while I’d say expierment with that and see if gains come.

As for your other question you should never want to or get extreme pain when doing PE. You should however try to get mild to heavy soreness around the base of your penis or other parts of it depending on the PE exceriszes you are doing. I believe as many others do that the soreness/fatigue is a sign that the healing process has began and the micro-tears you made after a PE session are being filled in through rest and sleep in the process lengthing your penis. So I would say just try to work till you get to a nice soreness level in PE dpeending on what you are targeting tunica, skin, or ligs. The more you PE and the more you gain the more you are going to have to do PE and work harder to get that big monster cock you dream of…

Keep up the good work. Delay Gratification.

Originally Posted by Dimitrialte
…Recently I’ve been trying something new while jelqing. It’s nothing drastic, but as I stroke with one hand, the other holds back the base skin with a finger on each side and presses down. It seems to help with flaccid growth a little, as I’m noticing, but should I perhaps reconsider doing so?

Here’s a little more ramblings about pressing the ligs at the base:

JAI stretch - a useful misunderstanding

regards, mgus

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Thanks, hehe. :)

I’d like to also add that thanks to the exercises, I’m no longer a “minute man.” It’s a little embarrassing, but before I started I used to be the kind of guy who was horny, but really couldn’t stand up for too long before getting too excited and well, finishing up. :Swimmer: It might’ve been a personal reason why I haven’t really gone out with people yet, but then again I was a teenager (and at 18, still am). I think that type of behavior is called “logic;” not many at my school have it. :Xtop:

Dimitri Alte

"The mouse is in the house!"

To mgus:

Thanks for the thread link. I had a feeling this may have been discussed in the past, but I haven’t honestly spent a lot of time searching the forums; but, I’ve found my share of information and it’s helped.

To Lovemachine:

Support is always welcome. Yeah, pain is never a sought feature to doing this, but I felt like asking nonetheless. I have, of course, felt the fatigue that comes with exercising it, so I know some progress has been made.

As for my little addition to the jelq exercise, I first did it out of laziness, only wanting to use one hand to do the jelqing; it seemed to work better when my hands weren’t getting in the way of each other. But I can honestly say that I’ve noticed some flaccid growth in terms of length, going from around three inches to four; visually the head would be on the balls, now it looks like it sags a little lower than them (of course it seems to alter based on temperature, any previous exercising, the hanging testes, and so forth, but even without the exercises it now dangles more for me).

And yeah, I’ve dreamt of my own monster cock for many months, though now I think I’d like to not go to such an extreme size and instead aim towards something more realistic. I still have time to work at it and see. As for which one I’d choose, I’d like to get more girth gain than length, but getting both is always welcome. :)

Dimitri Alte

"The mouse is in the house!"

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