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First Post and Recovery Question

First Post and Recovery Question

I would like to start out by saying that I am really enjoying this forum, especially the knowledge and professionalism displayed verses elsewhere on the Internet.

I have been actively PEing for about 1 month-starting to definitely notice vascularity and girth difference-the wife made a comment, I told her it was the way I always looked ( I am covert ). My question is whether anyone hear was actively PEing when they had a vasectomy. I just had a vasectomy “reversal” on Saturday (I have 4 children currently, would like 6) and am wondering the approximate recovery time anyone has experienced before starting back PEing.

Thanks for any information—Banjo

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Hey Banjo,

Welcome to the forum. I don’t remember anyone posting about having a reversal before. Try doing a search using vasectomy and reversal and see if anything comes up. You may be our first reversal. I think I would take a couple of months off before going back to PE. Your dick will wait a couple of months I think.

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