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First gains

First gains

Hello everyone,

I’m mostly just a reader here instead of a poster, but here comes some motivation for all the new starters out here.
When I started with a PE-routine a while ago I was fairly sceptical about the whole thing and always had the idea
that it still was quite in the realm of non-scientifically backed ‘science’ (or pseudoscience for that matter).
Well, theory or not, I’ve finally made some gains and they are real enough.

Within the first 3 weeks of my routine (posted at the end) I didn’t gain anything at all, just the increase in hardness
due to doing kegels. The next week I measured a small increase of 0.2 cm, which I attributed to the increase in EQ.
(Still sceptical here!) Week 5 no additional gains, however, in week 6 and week 7 (which I am currently finishing with this
resting- and measuring-day) I again had gains of 0.2cm/week.

So, the total gains sum up to an increase of 0.6 cm lengthwise over a period of 7 weeks. This might not seem much, since the
stories of 1 inch (2,54cm) in 1 month are still fairly commonplace. However, it is still too much gain-wise to attribute it to other
outside factors and such, so I have concluded that PE does really work. My doubts about it are gone, and if you keep your discipline
you’ll also get gains! So to all you starters out there, just stick to your schedules and eventually the gains will come.

My routine:
Training days: Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Off days: Wed, Sat

3 sets of 90 kegels, 1-second, 3-second and 10-second kegels
2 sets of 30 seconds stretching, Up, Right, Left, Down, Forward
2 sets of 45 jelqs, 3 seconds/jelq
2 sets of 10 seconds ‘base-jelq’ (I reverse jelq towards my base, and clamp it there with my hands for 10 seconds)
2 minutes of testicle massage

As for the warmup/warmdown, I do my routine under the shower so I’m warming up during kegels and warm down during the massage.

Great job keep up the good work.

Make sure you stick with what works until it stops working for you.

Good luck.

Nice work. How do you measure so precise (0.2cm)? I can measure girth in that precise but lenght, maybe 0.5 cm. And I always measure bone pressed since bodyfat can change even within a day.

Start 20.4.2010: BPEL = 6.6 EG = 4.3 EGB = 4.8

Current: BPEL = 6.9 EG = 4.7 EGB = 4.9

Goal: BPEL = 7.5 EG = 5+

Congratulations, keep it up!

Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated!

Originally Posted by Aftershock
Nice work. How do you measure so precise (0.2cm)? I can measure girth in that precise but lenght, maybe 0.5 cm. And I always measure bone pressed since bodyfat can change even within a day.

I’m from Europe so my ruler has mm-markings on it. As for being as precisely as possible you just have to stick with a convention and use it every time.

What I do is measure bone pressed, and then round down on the nearest millimeter (so I don’t get fake gains and stay on the ‘safe’ side). Every time I measure I round it down
so to keep a statistically valid way of measuring.
As for fluctuations in bodyfat, that shouldn’t matter if you measure bone pressed? And an increase of your bodyfat of 0.6 cm is quite a lot, so you really would have to go berserk at
the local fast-food restaurant.

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