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Few Questions?

Few Questions?

I was just wondering your opinions on a few questions i have as a beginner.

1.What is a good length vs girth?

2.What works better stretching, hanging, or both?

3.What is GREAT for girth, how often, and quantity?

4.Any tricks or special techniques for girth, and for length?

5.What are your before and after stats, how long did it take you to accomplish that goal, what did you do and how often? (a bit repetitive, I know)

Thank your very much for your input, it is greatly appreciated, and will be put to good use.

Just have a look around, there’s many stickies and thread’s full of info. I think it’s best for a newbie to browse a little first. Everyone of your points have been talked about exhaustively in other threads so you will have to problem finding the info you want.

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