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Few questions from a skeptical newbie

Few questions from a skeptical newbie

I have heard of this thing called penis enlargement a while ago, about stretching and jelqing and more.

But I was so skeptical even after seen the results of people (I may say I wasn’t on this forum I was on other one), and never could decide of this works or not,
I am a guy who last checked was ~6 inches erect (I think ~2inch flaccid) and I am not in peace with that fact And I wish to change it.

So if I may ask few questions from the users here..

* What routine are you recommending ? (I saw something called newbie routine here, does it even work ?)
* How much time does it take ? (As in 1 session not the whole process)
* Can it be achieved without extenders ? (I saw a lot of people using those, and for me they are out of the question)
* Any tips for starting ?

The thing that when I see penises most of them are bigger (flaccid and erect) make me feel useless like I won’t be able to please a woman with it
And make her want some more.

Will you help a new friend who just wants to feel better and make sure my future-wife will get what she deserves ?

Thanks a lot!

P.S : Sorry for bad grammar, mistakes and stuffs.. English is my 3rd language so bare with me. Hope its by the rules.

Take a look at the newbie routine. That will answer a lot of questions.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Two ways, both are good; the newbie or the linear: Linear Newbie Routine

Choose your way. Be safe and think with your mind. PE can be a lovely thing.

>Any tips for starting ?<

Don’t start unless you are willing to expend serious effort and time of a long period.
Measure well and keep good records (so you know if you are gaining)
Take photos (so you believe when you’ve gained)
Newbie Routine until it stops working.
Don’t buy anything, except maybe lube.
Don’t ever follow a routine based on one persons claimed massive gains.
Keep being sceptical until you have reason not to be.

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What memento has said. You’ll need a genuine commitment and time to do your exercises on a consistent basis. Do take photos regardless if you post them or not because they will serve as your starting shots for comparison later. PE will not happen overnight. It also helps, in your head, to believe that your efforts are working. Good luck! Keep us posted.

Is the newbie routine has working proof ? Does it really work or is it just a starter for the real deal ?

It is an effective and progressive routine. Some people had great gains with just manuals, and there are pics proving them, as long you believe in this kind of proofs.

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