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F@CK! Measured - need some help

F@CK! Measured - need some help

I finally measured today. My last measurement was four weeks ago and I haven’t gained a f*cking thing!!! I think I actually might have lost a little bit, but I’m not 100% sure.

I am basically posting this because I’m wondering whether or not I should start hanging. For the past four weeks I have been doing about half an hour of stretching. This stretching includes straight down stretching, BTC stretching, and V-stretches. After that I do about 10 minutes of dry jelqing. I was almost positive I had gained something and I just can’t believe that I’m still the same. There is one thing that is giving me hope though; when I measure BP I get a length of 7.75” (same as last time), but, when I measure with the ruler beside my penis (touching the leg) I get a meaurement very close to 8”, which I think is longer then last time. Also, when I do a flacid stretch straight out I get a BP measurement of about 8.25”, but with the ruler beside my leg I get a measurement of 8.75”. Does this mean something??? Or am I just measuring incorrectly?

Everytime I do my stretches I definitely get sore ligs at the base (which I thought was a good thing) which helped me think maybe I had gained something. I actually don’t know if I’ve ever had any length gains in my entire PE career because my measuring technique in my early PE days was incorrect. Would this be another reason to start hanging? One thing I do know for sure though is that when I start grab the base of my penis at the start of a jelq session, my penis hangs alot longer over my hand then it used to.

Also, I think I have lost a little bit of girth, from about 6”, to about 5.8”. Could this be because I stopped kegelling? I really thought that dry jelqing had given me something (I just switched from wet to dry jelqing), but it definitely hasn’t given me any gains. This is also really disapointing becuase I have definitely not had any girth gains whatsoever during PE and most people seem to gain atleast something during their first few months.

Oh ya, I have been PEing for about 7 months total and my LOT is about 8:30.

Anyway, I’m sorry for all the complaining. Could somebody please try to help me out. Since my stretching hasn’t worked should I try some hanging??? I’m definitely try to make my own BIB hanger if I have to. Thanks so much for reading and/or replying!!!!

Sorry, just one more thing.

I read a post not too long ago in which someone seemed to think that too much vitamin C would hinder PE gains. Is this true? I’m only asking because I drink alot of orange juice.


I can only give you one advice : Don’t stop PE-ing !
I started jelqing 3 years ago. Gained some mm. the first months. Then the growth stopped and so did I. From then on I’ve been jelqing on and off.
During those 3 years I gained about 1.5 cm in length and 1.3 cm in girth.
Lately I’ve seen no gains in the erect length, but I gained some girth.
Also when flaccid, I gained a lot of length, about 3 cm compared to 3 years ago.

Your gains will come too, but it takes a lot of work and patience.

Most of us measure on top, but not everyone. The important part is being consistent for your own measurments.

If you’re “stuck” at 7.75”, you would be joining a fairly large club. I was there for a long time. I’ve finally surpassed that a couple of weeks ago and am waiting for the end of the month before measuring my BPEL again.

Your EG will be larger if you’re actively doing a girth routine. I’ve been to 5.75” girth but that has gone down to 5.625” since I’ve switched to a pure length routine. I do some jelqs, but just a few here and there.

Keep up the routine, and add a few things if you think necessary.

Just hang in there Mick, there are bound to be some times encountered where it doesn’t usually go the way you had hoped or expected to. Whatever your course of action, I would hope that this doesn’t prevent or discourage you from continuing on.

How long have you been doing PE for? Maybe you are at a point of plateau.

Regarding your homemade version of the hanger, I myself have made one off of Bib’s instructions, but have yet to try it out. But it is definitely a technique that I will incorporate into my routine, once I get around to it. I feel that it can only help.

Some peoples’ routines are split with length and girth techniques, while others are concentrated solely on one or the other. It is really a preferential choice. Myself, I do a little of both techniques.

Keep at it! :up:

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!


Thanks for the replies!

I still have the problem though of deciding whether or not I should start hanging. I’m really not sure if I should keep manual stretching because I don’t think I have gained anything in doing so in the past 7 months. I just recently started a new routine and thought it had worked, but apparently not. Because of my incorrect measuring when I started, I don’t know whether I’m at a plateau or if I’ve just never gained anything at all. I guess I might as well try hanging right? It can’t do any harm if I do it properly (I hope).

Since I am gonna start hanging, I just have a couple questions. I hope these aren’t asked too frequently:

1) What is a good weight to start hanging with. 5 lbs seems good to me but I really have no idea. I do have 7 months experience with stretching so I should be able to handle a decent amount.

2) Would 30 minutes a day be long enough to start?

Alright, thanks for the motivation everyone, I’m definitely not gonna stop till I get to 8.5”!!! (BP)


Look at the newbie routine in the hanger forum. 5lbs seems good to me. I actually started with 4.4 lbs. until I thought that I had the wrapping and hanger right.

Here is the link to the hanger’s forum - Hanger’s Forum

Read the 101 to hanging and sample routine to start off with. Then search through the forum, there are a lot of great reads through there. Take time and read all you can.

Good luck all it takes is perseverance, and I am sure you will make you’re goals.

Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

Thanks again

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