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Measured today, gains I'm in shock.

Measured today, gains I'm in shock.

Hi people I started a few weeks ago and didn’t think I gain this quick,before I measured I started noticing my dick was bigger but put it down to my imagination and desperation to I measured today and to my suprise! Start was touching 7 inch’s BPEL and 5.4 EG now I measured it loads of times to make sure it was right as I did today too!I’m now 7.4 BPEL and 5.6 EG and this is not due to harder erections because my erections have always been solid,god I get them constantly.I’m so happy at the minute,even if I didn’t get gains for a month or slower gains I still can’t routines below.

Sit in warm bath for 5 minutes
100 wet jelqs to each hand
Sit down again for 5 minutes
100 dry jelqs to each hand
A few manual clamps for 30 secs each
Soak for a while in the bath

Just recently started stretching.

Nice goin!

Are you measuring within two days of completing a PE routine?

If you are you are measuring a temporary increase, not a real gain.

Good job

Good job keep it coming! What are manual clamps and how do you do them?

I waited two days I don’t think there temparary because theres no swelling or anything!I forgot to say I do one day on I day off!apart from the two days I felt needed recovery and to measure.american425 check redwoods routine for manual clamps and other good info.does anyone think it would be ok to start hanging now or still to early.

Congrats! You started big and you’re making great gains.

Nice Gains!

You too Slman!!

Those are some nice gains in just four months, almost an inch in length.. You know that is about how much I want to gain before summer.. Thats when I’ll be out trying to get girls :)

Do you mind posting your routine Slman?

Thanks JohnnyJohn. My routine is fairly simple.

5 minutes of warm-up
15 minutes manual stretching
30 minutes of dry jelqing
15 minutes manual stretching
5 minutes of warm-down
30-1 hour wrapping with ace bandage

That’s my routine Johnny. Hopefully it is some help to you and good luck with your gains!

Thanks for replying, I’ll be sure to use that routine ^_^

Though, how exactly would the ace-bandage wrap up work?


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