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Extender usage

Extender usage

Does anyone use any sort of extenders on top of their routines and if so for how long and what type. I had one that I had been using for awhile, and it seemed to be working but it was so uncomfortable I couldn’t take it anymore so I trashed it does anyone know of an extender that causes less pain. I’m truly sorry if this has been asked before but I didn’t see anything else about it and I must find out. Thanks guys in advance

Monkeybar makes some great stuff, his new vacuum extenders look very promising. Autoextender dot com.

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You might use the search function with words like “Penimaster” (e.g., names of types of extenders). Several folks have discussed their extender + manual routines.

As for me, I do a basic manual routine (stretches and jelqs), split between morning and night. During the day, while at work, I wear my Penimaster, usually for a total of 4 - 8 hours. Does it contribute to gains? I have no idea. But it’s worth a try, in my opinion. I also have a Static Stretcher that I wear from time to time.

The key to making the Penimaster comfortable is wrapping correctly. I am uncut, and it has been a frustrating learning process, but finally, I have figured out a way to wrap it so that it doesn’t slip and feels snug, yet comfortable. We’ll see if it works!

If I might ask, what specifically did you find painful about your extender, and what type was it?

Good luck, bro.

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I was using the andropenis extender it was very painful as it was the type of extender with a noose. Also even when I used the protective sleeve like bandage they gave me to wear it would still feel as if it were making my penis burn, nothing worked to relieve the pain so I stopped using it.

Would not suggest the penimaster if you are looking for comfort. Look in the reviews section of this site.

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Yes, the Andropenis is pretty darn uncomfortable, I’d imagine. You might try one of Monkeybar’s vacextender attachments (made especially to replace the uncomfortable noose-attachments of Andropenis, etc.).

Actually, it might just be me, but I don’t find the Penimaster to be uncomfortable. In fact, I don’t mind it at all. But as with many things in life, to each his own. (That said, don’t go out and buy a Penimaster, since you already have an Andropenis. Just get the attachment, or ditch the extender altogether, in my opinion.)

Good luck.

Slowly, but surely...

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I bought an extender from a while ago. It works, but it costs a lot.

Purchased a Jes-Extender and use it as part of my weekly routine. Wear it about 4-5 days a week for 2-5 hours at a time (some is while I sleep - which took some getting use to). It was expensive but purchased off of Ebay to help save some $$ verse retail. Feel that it has helped in adding lenght but would say that I have gained more since incorporating jelq and different stretching techniques into my daily routine.

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By all means buy the vacextender 2 please! I got it yesterday and I have experience with other extenders and this one is the God of all of them by far.

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