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Exercises in the shower


It’s almost good, but its a huge waste of water and using it as a heat wrap is not the best way. The heat doesn’t transfer throughout the penis too well. It is a quick clean up though. The best way I found for a heat wrap is a rice sock. Rice holds moisture and transfers a moist and soothing heat throughout the penis. And if someone asks what the rice sock is for, tell them you have a stiff neck or something. Hope that helped a little.

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I have been filling up a large cup with warm water and putting my penis in it. I have never heard of anyone else doing it but it seems to work very well.

I have been using the shower ever since I started jelking and it has worked very well for me. I normally jelk when I am bathing for privacy’s sake. I run the shower all over my body but with more concentration on my penis. I turn off the shower, do the jelking and other stuff, then turn on the shower again for warming down. Then the bathing continues. This is working fine for me.


Snowjack’s idea is really the best if anyone is concerned about wasting water. Just keep a plastic cup in the shower and fill it up with hot/warm water, put your penis and balls in for a minute until it’s nice and loose then stretch away. Pretty simple.

I usually run the shower over a washcloth wrap - similar to using a cup, I guess - but turn it off for the actual exercises.

Also makes it easier to reapply heat between routines, and warmdown.

I wouldn’t be able to do it in the shower, that’s for sure. My routine takes about 1-2 hours. I take minor breaks in between certain intervals, and I’d be a huge prune if I were in the shower for that long. Maybe in the bath? WOuld that be good? Any ideas? Lol

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Excercising in the shower

I have been doing PE for about three months. Recently I have tried doing my stretches in the shower. I have gain way better results than doing my usual routine in my privacy of my own room. In the past three months I have only gain about a quarter of an inch, but, recently in the last three weeks of doing my stretches in the shower, I have gain about same amount I did in those three months. I just go in the shower. Turn the water on real worm worm and spray it on my area for about five minutes. Then I just do my stretch for a real good amount of time. I think it has been working real good for me and I just want to throw this out there.

I have bad experiences from the shower. After a routine in the shower, I warmed down, going out and start dry the skin. But when I do that I start freezing and the penis shrivels. This happens almost everytime when I had worked in the shower.

Lucky me got hot water baked into my rent so I can basically shower all day in hot water. I still use shower just for warm ups and hot wraps for warm downs. I believe a long hot shower/bath will warm up the blood in your body keeping it warm for your entire PE session after. A hot shower and then a sauna wold be a real good prep I think:)

I don’t know about the sauna but the Hot Tub at the gym is great. Had one when I lived in South Florida but only get to use the one at the gym nowadays. Wife keeps talking about getting a Hot Tub here but if I had one I’d look like a prune with a long dick for sure. :)

I have always done my “routine” (I have rarely been all that consistent) in the shower the with hottest water I can tolerate on my shaft during the exercises. I’ve had great gains and I’m sure this method has contributed.


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