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Erection strength


Originally Posted by Syler
Personally with the intensity, I start off my kegel routine squeezing with light intensity and work it up. The last few kegels I squeeze as hard as possible to make sure the muscles are really WORKED

What is better doing kegels erect or flaccid?

I’ve been doing kegels ever since I was a kid! I just automatically liked to see my dick jump and it felt good so I’ve done them for years! Now I do them for the fun of it - but since I’m a newbie - I’ll have to concentrate on doing them as an exercise - although sometimes I’ve done it just sitting around - anywhere! Erect or not - kegels feel good! :-)

Originally Posted by Takamura
What is better doing kegels erect or flaccid?

The Kegel exercise (which should be capitalized, as it is a proper noun named for its inventor Dr. Arnold H. Kegel), as part of the Newbie Routine is meant to be done flaccid.

Flex the muscle that you normally use to stop a stream of urine and hold it flexed for 10 seconds, then slowly release it on a five count. That is one. If you do 50 a day you should notice your erection quality improve.

Doing a Kegel while erect is not harmful and likely has a similar effect on your EQ, but you will notice that it will become difficult to maintain your erection much past 15 or 20 reps without stimulating yourself. This starts to blur the line between PE and playing with yourself. There are circumstances where this practice is useful, but in the early stages of PE you really should be concentrating on getting the exercise right, and learning how your body works.

I think the flaccid model is the best way to go for a couple of reasons. First, you can do them anywhere and at any time when you are flaccid. A boring business meeting, a chick-flick your lady has dragged you to, driving to work or school during your morning commute. etc. No one but yourself will be the wiser. Secondly, when doing them flaccid you can really concentrate on keeping your flex intensity steady and can maintain a consistent count as you contract and release.This is especially important when you are new to the exercise.

25-50 a day every day, done properly and more important consistently, will certainly improve your EQ.

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Originally Posted by ddolphin
I can’t think of anything that has positively impacted my EQ as much as doing cardio. I stopped doing it when I hit around 30 and recently started up again and my EQ has gone through the roof. It’s a win/win.improved EQ, reduced fat pad (abs are starting to come back) and overall improved health.

+1 to it.. Along with the EQ my stamina shot through the roof wherein my mate had to literally ask me to ejaculate as she can’t take any more.
However there is a downside to it, I did lose some girth due to intense cardio and spinning along with the body weight and hence now do it like just once or max twice a week.

shortstuff00, make sure you have a healthy lifestyle (enough sleep, healthy nutrition, plenty of physical activity). Don’t abuse of porn, or masturbation.

Kegel exercises are useful and may provide the missing 10% erection. I can’t stand noticing that Kegels are highly overrated by forum members regarding erection quality. While Kegels assure good prostate health (which counts indeed for a good EQ) and help fighting premature ejaculation, they are not directly related to getting, or maintaining an erection.

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Wanted kegel video.

Help me please.. I don’t really understand about doing kegel.. Is it when you found your PC muscle.. Just push it and apply pressure..

Help me please I’m so confuse about the article and forum I’ve red.. Maybe I don’t understand very much english.. So I think the best explanation for me I a kegel video.


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