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Erection length and stretching question


Erection length and stretching question

My first question is will manual stretches increase my erection length? Because I’ve heard that it only increases flaccid length. I’ve been peing for about 3 weeks and noticed flaccid gains which is great but am hoping for erect length(I know it takes time tho, but just wondering if the stretches affect just flaccid). Another problem I have with stretching is that I have a very small glans(head). Therefore I usually have a tough time gripping it for more than 30 seconds, and my grip usually slides off. Do any of you guys have any suggestions for getting a good grip, because my hands keep slipping off even tho I grasp right beneath the head. I want to do stretches where I hold for a minute, so any help would be appreciated. You guys are amazing and thanks for all your advice!

Well the manual stretches can effect erected length too. But the V stretch is 100% better for that because it effects the ligaments better then the manual stretch. And about you’re gripe, well I had the same problem. Try to gripe with a soft towel or add some powder for better grip, like the Nivea baby powder or some thing like that. I hope this helps, good luck and never give up!

to add onto the already great advice from Luka, I’d suggest a square of toilet paper or 2 as a grip aid.

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Try holding the grip for 20seconds and build up to 30. IMO manual stretching helps erect length a bit, I think jelqs are the best for erect length if you are newbie.

Manual stretches are good for erect length; a stretch is a stretch, whether applied manually or by hanging etc.

I use the square of toilet paper for grip.


I use my latex gloves for the stretchs (normally it’s for the kitchen :D )
It’s very effective..

Originally Posted by Dick Rivers

I use my latex gloves for the stretchs (normally it’s for the kitchen :D )
It’s very effective..

Note to self, never eat dinner at Dick Rivers house. lol

And at the beginning I used olive oil for the jelq and the flour like grip for my stretch.French cook.

You a little salad begins again?

The toilet paper one works great.

I’ll have to try the toilet paper and the gloves. My stretching has been going great, but now that the weather is getting warmer and the humidity is increasing, I’m having a much harder time holding my stretches.

I use my boxers to get a good grip. Works good for me = ]

Stretch + jelq will give you EL gain.

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Thanks for the post. I have the same difficulty. Noticing steady flaccid gains with manual stretch, however cannot hold the stretch for longer than 20 secs as also ‘blessed’ with small head.I’ll try the techniques mentioned. Thanks for the advice.

lol Gonabebig :)

I can usually manage a decent grip with just my hands… but sometimes I need baby powder.

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The TeePee works great. And shouldn’t any type of stretching help EL and FL? Because in essence you’re just stretching you’re “inner penis” anyways.

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