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Erection got soft-what to do

Erection got soft-what to do

I recently started PEing (the Nebiew routine, with initial warmup and 2 warmups during routine), and after about a week I already noticed improvements in flacid consistency (whereas before I would have some acorn moments, it now tends to be at least 3inches, and sometimes spontaneously goes up to 4/4.5) but no real change in erect length as expected for such a short time.

However, I started noticing that my glans has become squishy when my penis becomes erect, and if I apply pressure with my fingers to the sides of my erect penis I can push in (erections became soft, as opposed to pretty hard ones before), so I took a few days off (on my 3rd day off now) and the shaft hardness seems to be improving, but my head is still squishy.. Secondly, I noticed that for the first few days if I laid down and pulled my erect penis so it points to the ceiling it felt like there was a lot of stretching/tension around the base of my penis (I’m guessing these are my ligaments? Does that mean I stretched them too hard?)

So what do you all think I should do? How long before I can go back to PEing and what are your suggestions as to how I should alter the newbie routine to better suit me?

Hey man, You are doing PE. But are you working your gooch mucles? Look at this thread

The effect of PE on erection quality

If your EQ is going down you can balance it out with kigels. Or just take two days off. And then go back to PE just a little less intense. Hope it helps. Cheers

The Kegel Nazi's Triumphant come back to PE. Re-Starting at BPEL: 7" and MSEG: 6"

Jphex is right on, mastering kegeling is very helpful, and you can’t lose with taking a week off either.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Goals: NBPEL = 7.0 MSEG = 6.0

Firstly, Id like to thank you for your responses, I’m sure you know how paranoid you can get when it comes to this stuff..

Secondly, I’ve stopped PEing for several days now (since my last post) and have noticed that my erections have gotten progressively harder (though my glans is still squishy) so it seems like I’m back on track..

I do have new questions though, today in the shower before my PE session I turned the water up in an effort to give my penis a Pre-Pre warmup (use hot water on it for a few mins, then my hot pad and only then PE) and I noticed that although the water was pretty damn hot when I pointed it at my leg, when I pointed the stream towards my penis it didn’t feel nearly as hot.. To the point where I kept on turning the heat up until I realized that I just felt less heat when it was on my penis.. (I wasn’t totally oblivious to heat, but definitely felt less)

Does this mean I’ve lost sensation in my penis or that I’ve caused nerve damage? Or could it be due to the fact that I’ve masturbated 3 times today?

Thanks in advance

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hahahahahaha Great post. I noticed the same thing. My unit has tremendous tolerance to heat. My PE warm-up use to involve an old milk jug and hot water. I’d get the water hot to my fingers touch. then dunk my junk in it and be like ‘hmm this aint hot’. So I’d get the water really hot almost to the point of steaming out of the faucet. when I would dip it in it was fine untill the sack touched the water and I was like DAMMN. I once forced myself to submerge and it was ok after a few minutes. Then I spent the next week picking dead flakey skin off my nut sack…. but the main member was fine ;) So the moral of the story is to just relax because your unit has just build up a tolerance for heat.

The Kegel Nazi's Triumphant come back to PE. Re-Starting at BPEL: 7" and MSEG: 6"

Haha thanks a lot, today the heat sensitivity was better than before, but your reply certainly stopped me from freaking out.

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